Sunday, February 8, 2009

House Hunting

The fall of real estate prices has many people unhappy, however Patrick and I couldn't be happier about it! This means that buying a house would be cheaper than us paying rent in an apartment! It is also the perfect time, since our lease is up and we will be moving anyway! We are so excited by this and are looking at houses trying to find one that we like.

Tomorrow morning we are going to look at a house that seems like it would be perfect! We will probably have to keep looking, but it is still exciting to know that we are working toward owning a home. I didn't think this would come for a while and here it is. My life seems to be moving in fast forward. I love it!

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Wow that is exciting to look for your first home! I cannot wait for that day, but It is going to later then sooner. We are in a really good renting situation and it has two rooms, so wont need another room for a few years. I hope within the next two years we will be able to get a house of our own. Well, good luck and congrats that is awsome.