Thursday, September 23, 2010

Children's Museum of Phoenix

On Tuesday, Joss and I went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. We went with my mom, my sister, Amanda and her kids, Matthew and Rachel. We had a ton of fun.

They have a HUGE climbing structure.

This is the flying bath tub. It was one of the cool places to climb to. Joss, Rachel, Amanda and I climbed all the way to the top and made it to the rocket ship.

With as much as Joss likes to climb around our house, I figured she would love climbing on this structure. She was really nervous about the whole situation. I can't say that I blame her though since the floors were basically milk cartons and you could see through to the ground. It was a little unnerving. Here is a picture of her. Can you tell she is a little freaked out?

Once we got her going though, she did a pretty great job. Here she is going down the rock climbing parts of the structure. She actually did best at these parts. I think its because she could just crawl up and scoot down.

Here are Rachel, Joss and Matt looking out and yelling to grandma.

This is the air blowing thingy. It blows air through these pipes and you stuff scarves into it and they shoot out the end of the pipes. Joss thought this was great. She would have stayed here for hours playing with them.

Next was the "Plinko" games. Here you put round disks into at the top and they shimmy their way down and the kids can turn the levels to get it into different compartments at the bottom.

Next was a sand table. The kids can draw pictures in the sand on this table that glows. Joss wasn't a big fan of this one because the sand would stick to her hands.

After the sand table, the kids got to ride bikes through the car wash.
Here she is on the wooden bike. She didn't really like this bike and quickly moved on to try out all the other ones.

Joss on the tricycle, which was a little big for her.

She even caught a ride with our friend Daniel.

Next up, the "Forts Room". Here they had all different things to make forts.
Here is Joss playing peek-a-boo.

Another climbing structure in the fort room.


They even had a tent full of legos. Joss loved putting them together and was not a "happy camper" when it was time to leave the legos behind.

One thing that Joss loved to do at the museum was try out all the different chairs. She would climb up in them and sit for a few minutes and then off she would go again.

Joss and Rachel in the stroller.

Here is one of the many music box stations around the museum. This one has washers of different sizes on poles. They make sound when you lift them up and let them slide and spin their way down.

Here is Seth. He didn't really get into all the fun like Joss did. This is pretty much what he did the whole time. Thanks go out to grandma for watching him while Joss and I played.

Now we have the "Noodle Forest". Joss LOVED this one. She would run through giggling the whole time. All the kids loved it.

You can tell by the smile on her face that she was having a blast!

Here is a picture of Matthew. Hard to get these kids to stand still for even a few seconds.

After the noodle forest, we went grocery shopping.
Joss was apparently on clean up duty. Sweeping just happens to be one of Joss' favorite pastimes.

After grocery shopping, the kids headed into the kitchen to do some cooking. Joss really could have cared less about the cooking part. She just wanted to play with the sink.

After the kitchen the kids got to race cars. They had race tracks with cars to race each other. They also had a motor bike...

...and a go-kart.

After the fast pace of the race cars we took some "time to smell the roses". Here the kids got to pick the flowers and then plant them back in the ground.

The museum was so much fun. Joss loved every minute of being there. These are only some of the stations and rooms there. We could have spent all day there and never have been bored. Such fun. We will have to go back some time soon.

Seth's First Bath

Seth had his first bath on the 12th. He was very unsure about it but he stayed calm and only cried toward the end. I'm hoping that soon he will love his baths.

Here he is in the bath

Wrapped up nice and warm in his towel

Joss watching.

Seth's One Month Old!

Seth turned one month on Tuesday. I can hardly believe that it has already been a month already.

Seth is the sweetest little guy. I'm so grateful that he is so calm and relatively easy.

Seth spends most of his time sleeping, but I just love the expressions he gets on his face when he is awake. He just always looks so curious.

Here are some pictures of our little guy. I love his striped pants! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Afternoon Naps

A few Sundays ago, I walked into our bedroom and found my two guys like this.

I thought it was so sweet, so I ran and grabbed my camera to take a picture.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Big Sister

I've been getting lots of questions about how Joss is doing with having a new baby in the house, so I thought I would write a post about how she is doing.
Joss loves her little brother, she just gets jealous of the time I spend with him. She will give him kisses and hugs. Yesterday, I laid out a blanket for Seth to lay on and she came and laid down next to him. She did eventually end up stealing the blanket from him though. :)
Joss loves to give him his pacifier. I'm not a huge fan of this, but nonetheless she does it anyway. Whenever she sees it not in his mouth she says, "Uh-oh." and tries to shove it into his mouth. Of course, she then tries to take it back out so that she can put it back in.
Joss also loves Seth's feet. She always lifts his blanket so she can see them.
The other night, Seth was sitting in his bouncer and he started fussing. Joss was in my lap at the time and I leaned down to bounce him a little and she pushed my arm away from the bouncer because she wanted all of my attention.
She has been wanting to sit in my lap constantly. She is always bringing me books to read her and toys to play with. She is also getting into EVERYTHING that she knows that she isn't supposed to be getting into. Lately her favorite place to play is either the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink. I've decided that I need to get concrete benches for my dining room table so she can't move them.
Anyway, I would say that Joss is doing well with having a new brother. She is more curious about him than anything.

2 Week Well Check and Circumcision

Monday was Seth's 2 week well check, even though he is 3 weeks old now. The doctor says that everything is looking good. He now weighs in at 9 lbs 5 oz and his length is 22 1/4 inches. He is 75 percentile for his weigh and 95th for his height. He is really tall. I wonder where he gets that from. :)
Monday was also Seth's circumcision. He was a very fussy little guy that day. He just seemed like he couldn't get comfortable. Poor guy. He is healing well though and today we go in for a nurses check to see how much longer I need to use the vaseline and gauze.
We are also taking him for his PKU screening. I'm not looking forward to that. I'm hoping he does as well as Joss did. For those that don't know about the PKU screening, it is a blood test they do on newborns to check for thyroid problems. They do the test by pricking the foot and squeezing 5-6 droplets of blood into these circles on a piece of paper. There are 4 or 5 circles to fill. The babies do not like this test, though I think it is harder on the mommies.