Friday, June 26, 2009

The Joys of a Day Off

Patrick had the day off today, but unfortunately I still had to work. :(

So with Patrick and Joss home all day long (without supervision), this is what I came home to...

That's right! Clean laundry and it all folded and ready to be put away! Did I marry a winner or what?!?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Miss No Lips

Joslyn doesn't have much in the way of lips as it is, but it really doesn't help when she sucks on her bottom lip, which she does all the time.

Sleeping Patterns

I love to check on Joslyn while she is napping because I always find her in a new position. This girl is all over her crib these days! She will spin around and roll from her back to her tummy and then back again. She creeps from one end of the crib to the other. Here is how we found her the other day.

That's right. She is completely asleep face down one her fists and her feet tucked under her. She's a cutie!

P.S. I did reposition her head after taking this picture. It freaked me out to have her like this.

Joslyn's First Feeding

We started Joslyn on solids on Sunday. Here is some video of her first feeding. She loved it from the first bite.

Patrick was our videographer and happened to be on the phone with one of his band mates from before his mission so the pictures aren't the best and he is talking throughout, but he still did a good job.

Giving Me Sass

I love this picture of Joss! She can give you some majorly sassy looks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, Joslyn, with a little help, made her daddy a little book. It is about all the things that they will get to do when she gets older. I got the idea from my friend Stephanie. She did a similar idea with her son for Mother's Day.

Each night, while I am asleep in my bed,
I dream of the wonderful things ahead.

I dream about our days at the zoo.
Hippos, giraffes and kangaroos too.

I wonder about the tales to be told,
And of the adventures that each book will hold.

I see all the games that we will play,
We will have so much fun playing my way.

I imagine the time we’ll spend on the court,
And how you will teach me to be a good sport.

I know that its as good as it gets,
When you are teaching me all about frets.

I think of the times we will go out to swim,
And I am filled with joy, up to the brim.

And when it is time to tie up my shoes,
You’ll be there to teach me all the new moves.

I know you will teach me to do what is right.
I’ll see your example morning, noon and night.

So, as I dream of all the things that we’ll do,
Know that it’s all because I love you!

Happy Father’s Day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

5 Months Old

Can you believe it?! Joslyn is already FIVE MONTHS OLD! Time sure flies by quickly.

Let's see, what is going on with our little girl?

She has learned to roll over both ways and can even do a 360 roll, but is so content to just lay there that she doesn't do it very often.

She loves when you sing songs to her. Her favorite is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. She also loves We are a Happy Family.

She enjoys watching mommy cook dinner and loves when daddy comes home from work.

She still doesn't understand that she doesn't have to wake up at 5am. Which is hard on mommy since she loves her sleep.

Joslyn likes to look at everything around her. She is usually content to just lay in bed for a while looking around at everything.

In fact, sometimes I'll put her down for a nap and I will think that she has fallen asleep since she is quiet and I go back and check and she will still be awake. She will just lay there quietly for an hour, but if I were to pick her up and snuggle with her she would be out like a light.

She enjoys playing with her toys. Especially her lion teether and her poodle, Roxy. Thanks Heidi for both of those.

Yesterday morning, Joss and I had a photo shoot. We got some really cute pictures for her 5 month photos. Here are some of them.

Friday, June 12, 2009


On Tuesday, we took Joslyn swimming for the first time. We went over to my sister's apartment complex and used their pool and hot tub.

Joslyn was so excited when she saw the pool. She was squealing for joy like she already knew what it was.

The big pool was a little cold for us so after a little bit in the pool we moved to the hot tub which was nice and warm.

Joslyn enjoyed her time swimming and will hopefully have more fun in the pool this summer.

Joss with daddy before getting in the pool

Joss getting in

Joss and daddy in the pool

Monday, June 8, 2009


Joslyn is not quite five months and is already bilingual! We are so proud of her! She has learned to speak DOLPHIN! I couldn't believe it myself at first, but it is perfect dolphin and here is proof. She is so talented. :)

Movie Nights

Since Patrick has been out of school we have had lots of time to spend together. One thing that we have been enjoying is our subscription to Netflix.

We have the subscription where you can watch unlimited movies online as well as getting them in the mail. So, when our movie is in transit with the postal service we like to watch movies online.

This was a lot more comfortable when we were in the apartment because we would just move the couch three feet over and sit there.

Now, our couch is across the house and it would be too much of a pain to move it. Because of this, we moved the computer to ground level and brought out the blankets and pillows.

This is the aftermath. Someday soon we hope to put a couch in this room.

Asleep in the Swing

Joslyn fell asleep in her swing yesterday. I thought it was so cute so I snapped a few pictures.

Sleepy Time

Joslyn fell asleep while playing with her toys the other day and she kept lifting her head now and then. I'm not sure if she was trying to get comfortable or just trying not to go to sleep. Here is the video.