Sunday, September 30, 2012

June 2012

June was a great month for us. We were very excited to have Patrick around more since he was out of school for the summer. We got to spend lots of time as a family and we loved it. At the beginning of the month we had some maintenance to be done on my car, nothing major, just stuff that needed to be fixed. While it was getting fixed we spent the day at my parents' house waiting for the call that it was all finished. Here is Seth and my Dad hanging out that afternoon.
We also bought a treadmill. We got a smoking deal on it and the kids and I love using it. While we were at the mall looking at the different models, Joss had fun going in the display tents. This one is HUGE. Patrick could stand straight up in it without any difficulty.
One thing that the kids love to do is climb into the cabinets on our entertainment center.
My friend Kat had a baby girl and we threw her a rainbow themed baby shower. I made this super yummy cupcakes. They were so perfect for the theme.
One day, we stopped in to visit my old office. The kids loved getting to play with the pinball machine.
One night while we were out running errands we decided to stop and get some ice cream. Joss was in heaven and so was Seth.
One morning, Joss woke up with a red/irritated eye. I was worried that it was pink eye so we took her to urgent care. Sure enough that was what it was. Here is Joss waiting to see the doctor.
Seth loves his blanket. He has started dragging it around the house with him.It is so sweet.
Some times, Seth gets into trouble. Usually for throwing things or hitting his sister. He is not a fan of timeout.
Patrick brought back these wrestling capes from a company trip. At the time the kids wouldn't wear them, but these days they love to run around with them.
Joss loves helping me to cook. She especially loves filling up measuring cups and stirring. One day I was making something that I needed to make by myself, but Joss really wanted to help. I decided to give her a bowl and spoon with some quinoa in it. She was busy for hours.
There is a gap between the wall and our couch. The kids love spending time there. One Sunday afternoon, I told Seth it was time for his nap. He grabbed his blanket and laid down in this gap. It was a nice try but I knew he wasn't going to sleep there so we moved him to his room.
Our kids love to wrestle.
Seth loves to climb and he loves water. On this day he decided to combine the two by dancing around in the toilet. He was so happy. We were not.
One night, Patrick brought home tickets for a diamondbacks game. The kids have never been to one, so they were pretty excited. Seth loved the clapping and cheering. Joss loved the food. Joss is a little scared of heights and was a little uncomfortable with our seats.
We did some more swimming this month. Seth and Joss both had to have goggles on whenever they went into the pool. They loved having them on.
Joss loves to dance and it doesn't matter where she is. Here is a picture of her twirling down the aisles of Target.
Here is our future dentist helping Joss brush her teeth.
Joss was so happy to help me make Daddy a special treat. He loves rice crispy treats.
The weather here is very warm in June. Seth was trying to make sure that he was staying hydrated.
Watching fireworks at Deer Valley Park's Fourth of July Celebration. We were really close again this year. So close that my brother had ash fall on his head. Joss wasn't a fan of the loud booms but they both loved watching the fireworks.

May 2012

Well, to say I haven't posted in a while is an understatement. Don't think that we haven't been busy, because we have been very busy. If you follow on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook you know that I update that way more often than here. With that said, in an attempt to "catch-up" here I am going to do several longer posts, each covering an entire month. So here in May 2012. We started the month off with our trip to Hawaii, but I've already blogged about that in previous blog posts. So this is what did we did after Hawaii... We helped my parents fill up their above-ground pool so this kids could have fun swimming together all summer long.
Coleton loved giving Joslyn piggy-back rides whenever they saw each other.
Joss and Raef washed the jeep hoping that they would be able to ride it.
Joss in the pool
The pool was a still a little cold for these two. Here they are trying to dry off and get warm.
Seth found the doll stroller at my parents' house and enjoyed filling it up like a grocery cart and pushing it around the house.
Daddy brought home work shirts for the kids. They both love wearing them even if they are pretty big on them.
For Memorial Day, my family used to go out for breakfast or make breakfast at a park each year. As we got older that tradition kind of went away, but this year we brought it back. My family got together at Rio Vista park and made breakfast, played on the playground and splashed around in the splash pad. Here is Emmalin on the slide.
Coleton, Hailey, Amberly and Seth going down the slide. They loved making a "bubba-train" and going down the slide together with Seth aka Bubba leading the way.
Gage on the turny swing thing. I'm pretty sure that is the technical term...
Ashlynn and Matt playing in the rocket ship
At Rio Vista park there is a river that runs through the whole park. The kids loved watching the ducks.
Rachel on the stairs
Amberly and Hailey
Seth eating his delicious breakfast
This year we made french toast, bacon and fruit. It was delicous! I think one of my favorite moments of the morning was when my sister, Tiffin, non-chalantly says, "Hey Dad, your shirts on fire," like it was no big deal. By the way, it was put out quickly and no one was hurt.
Kade, Matt and Gage using the sprayer at the splash pad
Seth wasn't too big of a fan at first but he warmed up to the idea.
Joss showing off her new swimsuit.
Rachel and Joss getting dry after the splash pad
Joss loves wearing her daddy's lab goggles
Joss and me cuddling on the couch one morning.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 7- Heading Home

Monday morning was pretty laid back for us. Kristi and I went walking down by the missing man formation. They have a walking/jogging path there that is right by the water way that brings the ships in and out of Pearl Harbor. It was really nice getting to walk down by the water. When we got back it was breakfast time. Seth and Hayden decided to share a poptart. Unfortunately, they also decided to eat it off the floor. Joss and Seth got a nice tan while we were in Hawaii. I love her flip flop lines. :) After breakfast, I had Patrick entertain the kids while I packed all our bags and showered. I was a little nervous about the weight of our big suitcase. I had stuffed all of our clothes into the one bag and it was pretty heavy, but Kristi's scale said we would be okay. After getting everything and everyone all ready to go home, we had some lunch with Mike and Kristi, said our goodbyes and headed to return our rental car. When we got to the airport, we checked our big heavy bag in at the counter and it weighed in at 50.0 lbs. Anything more and we would have had to get in a huge line to repack our bag and start all over again. Phew! After checking everything in and going through security we headed for the gate. We saw on the map that it was pretty much the furthest gate from us. So we headed as quickly as we could herd our two kids while carrying our carry-on bags. As soon as we got to the gate, they were telling people that the gate had been changed and it was now leaving from the other side of the airport. You know, the side that we had just come from. So we herded the kids all the way back. When we got to the new gate, we found out that they were having so technical problems with our plane and that they were unsure of when they were going to be fixed. Ugh. This was a little after noon that we got to the new gate. They told us that the would have more information for us at 3:30. So we found some seats, and tried to keep the kids entertained. Joss enjoyed getting to play with the ipad. Seth just wanted to run away and get into everything. He was very frustrating, but Patrick was so beyond patient with him. He is amazing. After a long 3 hours with the kids, we found out that the plane is still having problems and that they would have more information for us at 7pm. Double UGH! They did give each of us a $20.00 meal voucher to use at the different restaurants in the airport. At this point, Seth is beyond tired and did I mention that he had a cold too. He was one really unhappy boy. I knew that he was tired, so I tried rocking him to sleep, but he wanted nothing to do with it. So I put him down and he cuddled up with his blanket and passed out it 30 seconds. It was such a relief and not just for me, but for everyone else too. While he was asleep, a nice lady came and told me about how when her kids were about the same age she had to move to the Philippines. Her husband was already there and so she had to take the two kids and all their belongings on a 16 hour flight, then a 3 hour layover and than another 4 hour flight. She said she was exhausted and that when she got to her destination, they authorities wouldn't let her husband through to help her with all the bags and the two kids, so she had to go through customs and everything all by herself. That would be a tough trip. Patrick decided to take Joslyn with him to scout out where we wanted to use our vouchers. While they were gone they went down to the gardens on the ground floor. Apparently, a lot of people don't know that the airport has gardens down below the main walkways. There are three of them and each one has a different theme. There are the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Hawaiian Garden and the C.B. Lansing Garden. Joss enjoyed the Chinese Garden. Here is the C.B. Lansing Garden from the walk way above. So if you ever have a really long delay or just a good sized layover, I recommend going down to see the gardens. When we went to use the meal vouchers, you couldn't split them between stores, so you either used all twenty dollars at one place or you lost the money. So when we went to Burger King to buy the kids chicken nuggets for dinner, we ended up getting them each a ten piece chicken nugget meal. They were in heaven. Here is Joss enjoying her nuggets. Patrick and I went to a Chinese food place that wasn't very good, but it is airport food so I wasn't expecting much from it anyway. We did get to enjoy this beautiful sunset while we ate though. After dinner, Patrick went to Starbucks and bought smoothies and cookies for dessert. We were totally stuffed by this point, but we still wanted to use our last voucher, so I took Joss and we went looking for somewhere that we could buy stuff to take home with us. After going pretty much around the whole airport, I decided to ask one of the news stand employees if we could use our vouchers there and they said that we could, so we loaded up on candy and juice and headed back to Patrick and Seth. By this time it was 7pm, and they told us that they were taking the plane for a test flight and that they would be letting us know soon when we would be boarding, which ended up being 8:30pm for a flight that was supposed to leave at 2:55pm. We were exhausted, and just wanted to be leaving. Joss didn't even make it to take-off before she was out in her seat. Seth had a hard time getting to sleep until he gave up on getting comfortable on Patrick or me and slipped down to the floor and slept there. I can't sleep on airplanes which made this trip really really long. Especially since the pilot decided to not show the in-flight movie for whatever reason. I ended up playing games the whole time on the ipad. Our flight came in at about 6:30, so we got to see the sunrise while we were on the plane. We made it to our house around 8:00 and we all went to bed for about 3 hours. It was much needed! Patrick and I didn't recover for a few days. It was a rough ending to our wonderful trip but we had an amazing time and would love to go back someday.