Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wilkins' Family Christmas Party

This year we all went over to Scott and Katie's house. We had a short lesson and lots of yummy treats to eat. The kids got to open their gifts from their cousins. Thanks to Amanda for taking these pictures, and posting them on her blog so I could steal them. :)
Seth got a Bathket ball set from Coleton

Joss got a crown and some hot wheels from Rachel.

My parents also brought their gifts for the grandkids. They gave Joss a Dora doll and Seth got a stacking cups set. Joss has loved playing with all of these toys.

Temple Lights

Joss loves seeing all the Christmas lights. Its one of her favorite things to do right now. She is going to be pretty sad when there aren't anymore lights on the houses.
Well, each year the Mesa Temple puts up thousands of lights in the gardens. It is really pretty. We wanted to take Joss this year, but as it got closer to Christmas we wanted to avoid the crowds so we waited until after Christmas. It was still busy but nothing like it would have been the week before Christmas!
Unfortunately, my camera was acting up and all my pictures were coming up blurry. Messing with it as best as I could holding a baby in my arms, I still couldn't figure it out. So, with that said here are the best or the worst pictures from last night.

Christmas Clothes

Every year for Christmas, Santa brings a new pair of pajamas for each of us and a new outfit for each of the kids. Here are the kids sporting their new outfits. And yes, that is the best picture I got of Joss. :(

Seth Rolling Over

Seth has been rolling over for a while now. In fact, we can't seem to keep him on his back, or in one spot. He rolls all over the place now. Here is a video of him rolling over. He takes a while to get started in this one so if you want to fast forward to the end that is where the action happens.

Two Cute Girls

My sister's family got a trampoline for Christmas this year. Yesterday we went over and jumped around on it. Here is a short video of Joss and her cousin Rachel jumping/ playing ring around the rosy.

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas this year. It was so much fun spending time with our little family. Joss was so cute and I can't wait until next year when we have two little ones running around getting all excited!
We must have been really good because Santa brought us a lot of really good stuff.
Here is the tree before we opened all our presents. Hopefully, next year we will have a big tree to put up. When Joss woke up she came running out, she looked at all the presents and then ran to go get her new broom that grandma and grandpa had brought her the night before. We got her to come over and it wasn't until she saw her new giraffe tricycle that she put down that broom. If you don't believe me, I have it on video. :)

Here is Joss with her new magna-doodle.

Her new guitar from Mamu and Papu Edwards

This is what Seth did while we opened presents.

Patrick with his new electric razor

Me with my new Silhouette cutting machine! I am super happy about this!!!

Patrick with the picture frame that the kids got him for his desk at work.

Seth with his new Gloworm from Mamu and Papu.

Seth enjoying his new balls! He loves these because he can actually hold onto them.

Joss with her Dora book from Mamu and Papu.

Here is the treats and thank-you note that Santa left for us too.

Joss digging in to her cinnamon roll for breakfast. Can you tell that her daddy gave her a blue M&M right before breakfast?

The aftermath

Seth enjoying his new toy. The monkey always stays on top but it makes sounds like it is going to fall.

We had a great Christmas. Thank you to everyone that had a part in it!

High School Friends Christmas Party

The Wednesday before Christmas we got together with some of my friends from high school and their families. We had so much fun catching up and meeting their little ones. We were so glad to have some out of town friends their too. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to get my camera out and this was the best picture that we got with Patrick's phone. Also, it was taken after my friend Stephanie left with her boys. :( Boo! Hopefully, I can get a picture that was taken with someone else's camera. :)

Princess Seth

Joslyn was invited to a princess themed birthday party. When we got there all the little girls were given pretty crowns to decorate with stickers and gems, princess wands and a pretty bracelet. Now normally, Joss would be all over those things, but since people were wanting her to wear them, it was a no-go. So, in true hand-me-down tradition they were given to Seth. He had no problems wearing them. :)


Joslyn is in LOVE with accessories. This is a typical outfit these days. She even put the leg warmers on all by herself. I think it makes her feel like a big girl.

Christmas Outfits

Each year for church the Sunday before Christmas, we dress our kids up in special Christmas outfits. These are their outfits this year.

Joss loved her new dress. She thought she was hot stuff and would show it off to everyone. She also loves her new sequined red shoes. Also notice that she has a cute little clippie in the little bit of hair that she does have. :)

Here is Seth in his reindeer sweater outfit. He was so cute in it, but he was soon changed out of it because he was sweating so much. The 70's just aren't sweater weather.

You can also see Patrick's Christmas tie.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Pretty Pretty Princess

Joslyn loves accessories. Her cousin got her a pretty crown and some matching earrings for Christmas. Joss loves them. Lately, though she has been wearing the crown as a belt. :) Thanks Rachel/Amanda!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Letter Day!

This semester has been really hard and really long for our family, and we could not be happier that it is over. Patrick had classes Monday through Thursday nights. Most days Patrick would never even get to see Joss because he would leave before she woke up, go straight from work to school and get home after she went to bed by a few hours.
To celebrate our joy in having Patrick home for the next few weeks we threw him a little red letter day party.
He was greeted at the door with an invitation instructing him to change into the red shirt that we provided for him and then to come joy us for a special dinner.
We had lasagna roll ups, with cranberry jello and apple slices. All red foods. Eaten on our red plates, with red cups filled with Cranberry Sierra Mist. For dessert we had chocolate covered pretzels with peppermint candies.

Here are some pictures of us in our red shirts.
Doesn't Joss just look so excited! :)

Here's Seth hanging out in his chair

Patrick and me


Joslyn's hair is slow growing. Really slow growing, but the other day I tried to pull it back in a pony tail. Here is the result.

Not too bad, some little clippies definitely help. The main problem is that the hair along the hairline just doesn't seem to grow. It is all still very short, all the way around. Someday, it will grow in and I will be able to do all sorts of cute stuff with it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sugar Baby

Joslyn has recently developed a deep love for all things sugar. She has always liked sugar, but now she climbs, begs and pleads to get to it. She also will not share. At her cousins birthday party she ran away with a whole tray of cupcakes while I was feeding Seth. Luckily, she was caught before she could start eating any of them. She also now throws full blown tantrums when I tell she can't have soda or any other sweet for that matter. The terrible twos are starting to really settle in over at our house. :(
Here is a picture of Joss after she stole Patrick's cupcake from his plate. She also attempted to steal two cookies and I kept having to move the candy bowls around because she would change chairs just to get to them. She also threw a tantrum when I told her she couldn't have any sparkling grape juice until after she ate her chicken.

Hanging Out at Home

I love getting to stay home with my kids. It is the best getting to read books and play with blocks, going to the park or walks around the neighborhood. Here are some pictures of us hanging out at home one day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago we had our family pictures updated. Here are some of our favorites. Our photographer was Lauren Oustad. Click here for her website.