Tuesday, January 22, 2013

November 2012

We had much to be thankful for in November.Our family is in good health. Patrick has a wonderful job and is doing well in school. We have the things that we need and some extra. We are very blessed. Here are some of the things that we did this month.
Seth had his friends over and we painted the table with shaving cream.
Seth has been refusing to wear pants lately. If I put them on, he takes them off. One day, he must have gotten cold because I found him like this on the couch.
Seth climbed his first tree.
In early Novemeber, Joslyn's preschool took a field trip to Tolmachoff Farms. The kids loved getting to pick their own vegetables, riding the train, sliding down the slide and seeing the farm animals. Seth even got to feed the goat a zucchini. He giggled pretty hard about that.
Joss and her friend playing together at the farm.
We had so much fun that by the end of the day Seth was totally worn out, not to mention filthy.
Here is all the produce that we came home with. It was delicious.
Joss has gotten really good at coloring pictures. She is able to stay in the lines and even pick out all the different colors.
One day while they were watching a movie, I looked over and saw Seth and Joslyn holding feet. It was pretty sweet.
Every once in a while, between all the fighting, they show me that they really do love each other.
One night we went to the park to say goodbye to some friends that were moving away. It was fun getting to play at the park even in the rain.
Seth has started to play with Joss's dolls.
Joss loves to color and draw. One day I came over to see what she had drawn and I found this. I asked her what it was a picture of and she told me it was her cousin Hayden.
My Thanksgiving decorations. Joslyn loves the countdown that my Mom made for us. Each day we have a different way to show our gratitude for the blessings in our lives.
Seth loves my drinks. It doesn't matter what is in it, usually water. Everyday, at least once, he steals my drink. At least he is drinking lots of water.
I made this shirt for Joss using two of my old T-shirts.
One weekend in November it was actually cold enough that I could put Joss in long sleeves. She is so cute.
Joss and Seth love to help me cook. Here is a picture of them helping me make some gingerdoodles.
A gingerdoodle is a cookie that is half gingersnap and half snickerdoodle. They are delicious.
The kids love riding these carts at Home Depot. Seth even yells "Weeeeeee!" the whole time.
Joss loves hiding. I often find her tucked into small spaces.
Joss got this pilgrim hat at her Thanksgiving Friendship Feast at preschool. She loves it so much that when her teacher asked her what she was thankful for she said, "my pilgrim hat".
Here is Joss in the shirt I made her on Thanksgiving.
The boys went outside to play football on Thanksgiving and got the ball stuck up in the tree. Luckily, Patrick was there to climb up and get it.
It was my year to make the turkey this year. I decided to use the recipe from Our Best Bites. They brine it, bag it and inject it. It was yummy.
The morning after Thanksgiving we had a special visitor come to live with us. His name is Danger. He is our elf on the shelf. He was really nice and even brought us snow-covered donuts to celebrate his arrival. He also gave the kids fun socks to help keep their toes warm in the winter.
Later that morning, I went to a craft day with some of my Aunt's and cousins. I had found this nativity that I wanted to make and we all decided to make one together. It was great getting to see my family and interesting to see how all of our projects turned out just a little different from each others.
Another project that I made this month was these pictures. I found the pattern online and printed it out. It is made from paper so I traced it, cut out the shapes and glued them together. It was pretty easy and I love them.
Each year my mom makes her grandkids a special ornament for Christmas. Here are all of the ornaments that she has made for Joslyn and Seth.
Seth tries to hide his smiles sometimes. Here is his little smirky non-smile.
One afternoon, Seth woke up with the worst bed head I have ever seen. It was crazy! Luckily, it was pretty easy to comb through.
Joss was so excited when we had this big box. She spent hours coloring it and pretending it was a rocket ship.
I love when they do things like this.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

October 2012

In October we: carved jack-o-lanterns, had a field trip, went to the park, played games, had oral surgery, and had lots of fun.
Seth managed to break my glasses by jumping on me and knocking them off my face and landing on them. Luckily, I had a back up pair.
One day cousins, Rachel and Matthew, came to visit. Rachel and Seth enjoyed watching a movie together.
Matthew enjoyed our super hero cape and mask.
Joslyn loves her Curious George stuffed monkey.
One night we decided to have a glow in the dark bath. We filled up the tub and them brought in our glow sticks and turned out the lights. The kids really liked it.
Seth playing on the couch
We love Nutella at our house. The kids love to eat it by the spoonful.
One night for dinner I tried making spinach-basil pasta. It was delicious but I need to roll it out thinner next time.
I love decorating for holidays. Here are some of my Halloween decorations.
Seth made a ramp for his balls and cars.
My kids love to play with balloons. Its a cheap way to keep them entertained.
When Joss is concentrating hard she sticks her tongue out.
Such a sweet smile.
When the weather FINALLY cooled off during the day, I took the kids to the park to run around and have fun with some friends.
Double digger
Coleton and Ashlynn came over and had a tea party with Joss.
I was so excited when Cinderella came out of DVD because it is my favorite Disney movie. I wanted to share it with my kids. Unfortunately when I purchased it I didn't look closely enough and bought the Spanish version instead. When I took it back I paid much closer attention to what I was grabbing.
Patrick and I went to the temple and I took this picture.
I love making bread. Patrick doesn't like when I make wheat bread, he prefers white, but when I do make it, the smell takes me back to when I was little and we would make bread.
One night, Seth was so tired that he fell asleep in my lap while playing with his blocks.
My mom made us a fun Halloween game. You roll the dice and if its the right number you put the clothes pin leg on the body. Whoever gets all eight legs first wins. Joss loved playing this game all month long.
Joslyn's preschool took a field trip to the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. The kids loved it. Especially the Eight little Ghosties Jumping on the Bed song.
A few months ago I had a baby tooth that broke taken out. In October, they were ready to put in the implant. It was more painful than I was anticipating, but I think that may have been because I wasn't resting like I should have been. For about a week, ice packs and pain meds were my best buds.
One of my favorite purchases lately is a faux leather pencil skirt. I love it!
Sweet Joslyn
I got the kids some Halloween puzzles from the dollar spot and Target. They loved them.
For our pack's pack meeting in October, they had a service project. They made Christmas cards and candy bags for deployed seamen. The boys really got into it.
Every once in a while I decide that I need flowers, so I buy myself some. My favorite are tulips.
Every year we have a Wilkins Family Halloween Party. The kids love getting to show off their costumes to their cousins. Here is Matthew as the GI Joe type guy.
Joslyn was a good witch
Emmalin was a bee.
Carrigan was a vampiress.
Rachel was Hannah Montana.
My Dad was creepy with his undertakers hat.
Not sure why, but Raef ran around with panty hose on his face.
Matthew, Emmalin, Rachel and Joslyn
Ashlynn (She-Devil) and Hailey (garden fairy)
Kade as Iron Man.
Amberly was a gypsy.
Coleton was batman.
Gage was a football player.
Seth was a very sad vampire. He HATED his costume. He did okay with it as long as we didn't put his cape on. He cried anytime we put his shirt and vest on.
My mom was an FBI agent.
While Seth hated his costume, he LOVED trick-or-treating. He walked around giggling when we went.
A nice Sunday afternoon
We made spider puppets with Seth's playgroup.
They also colored little pumpkins.
Joss looks like she is enjoying the guts from our pumpkin.
but she really thought it was gross and refused to touch it.
Here are the Jack-o-lanterns that we carved.
One day Joss was taking a little too long in the bathroom, so I went in to see what she was doing. I saw this on the floor and asked her what she was doing. She told me she was making a cake.
On Halloween, Joslyn's preschool had a party. I got to help with the craft activity and it was so fun getting to meet all the kids and see who Joslyn's new friends are.
While Joss and Seth liked trick-or-treating, you liked passing out the candy much more.