Friday, February 20, 2009


Patrick is a little concerned about Joslyn. He has informed me that he thinks she will need counseling. He believes this because she makes "animal noises".

Apparently, she isn't sure whether she is a puppy, a piggy, a sheep or a human. She growls like a puppy, snorts like a pig, and baas like a sheep. (Not to mention her hungry hippo eating habits.) She is uber talented!

Patrick is just concerned that she will get confused and need counseling. I assured him that if she needs counseling later in life it won't be from making animal noises. :)


Tiffin said...

I love all those cute little baby sounds. Emmalin doesn't really do them anymore:(


That is so cute! Im sure she will be just fine :) I love to hear the little noises that babies make.