Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Dump

When you haven't blogged in over a month, things tend to pile up. With that said, enjoy the 13 other entries that I put up today. And look forward to a few more that should be coming shortly. I'm just too tired of blogging to finish them right now. And as always comments are very much appreciated!

Matt with the Squirt Bottle

Our ward had a big water party last weekend. It was a lot of fun. The kids got soaked and the weather was perfect.

My nephew Matt found a new favorite pastime. Its squirting Uncle Patrick with the squirt bottle. He followed him around all night squirting him. If Patrick, somehow, eluded him, you would here him say, "Where is Patric?" in a half laugh/half mischievous way. It was adorable.

Here is a short video of him getting Patrick and what Patrick did to retaliate.

Costco Sized

Joss stole Patrick's drink...

...and was in HEAVEN!

Playing with Play Dough

My mom made some play dough for the kids to play with and they had so much fun with it. They made all kinds of things and used all sorts of tools with it. It was interesting seeing them use their little imaginations as they played with it.

Here is Hailey with her play dough.

Coleton with his "hamburgers".

Matthew sporting the rolling pin.

And Joss really just wanted to eat it, even though she didn't like the taste of it. Silly girl.


My mom bought some kiddie pools for the summer and the kids just love being in them. Joss will be so happy when she can hop back in there and splash around. Here are some pictures of the kids having fun.

The younger girls had their own pool and they were just fine with that.
Here is Rachel and Joss having tons of fun splashing and pushing on the sides. We aren't sure why they thought pushing the sides was so much fun, but they sure did.

Here is the big pool, where the kids used these water launcher things and spray everything down.

A Surprise In Our Backyard

I've noticed this one cat going in and out of our backyard a lot lately. So, I asked Patrick to go and check to make sure there wasn't anything back there that this cat was wanting.

He did, and unfortunately, there are four kittens now living under our shed. BOO! At least, they are cute. But we, definitely need to get rid of them and before they start making other babies too.

If you look carefully, you can see a black little kitten in the corner of the fence.

President's List

Patrick got straight A's this semester, so they sent him a certificate in the mail. Good Job Honey!

FYI: He is laughing in this picture because he was making faces when I was trying to take his picture. Fortunately, my camera has a delay and I just got him laughing and smiling. :) Ha! Ha!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! This year, Joss and I got Patrick two new outfits. We got him plaid shorts! I think he looks so handsome in them. What do you think?

Pretty Purple Cast

Back on Monday, the 7th, we went down to the church building to take our turn helping to clean it. Joss was running around with her cousins and tripped and fell. She wouldn't stop whining the rest of the night and I thought it was because she was so tired. I was wrong. She broke her arm.

Wednesday morning, I noticed when I was cleaning her hands after breakfast and she would cry every time I would touch her left arm, even very lightly. I thought that something was wrong and decided to take her into see the doctor after some phone calls to the nurses line and my mom.

When we got there the doctor looked at her and said that she was concerned because her grip wasn't as tight in that arm and that she wanted to get some x-rays done.

So we took her to get those done. Which was really hard on both of us, since I couldn't be in there with her because of the pregnancy. :( After they took them they said that they saw a definite break and that our primary care doctor would be giving us a call very soon, to let us know what to do.

They called as soon as we got in the car. They had set us up an appointment at a pediatric urgent care and specialist center. So I got us some lunch and we drove there. Joss fell asleep in the car, so I pretty much drove around until it was time for our appointment, about 30 extra minutes.

They came in looked at the x-rays and said she had an incomplete fracture just above her wrist and that she would need a full arm cast for 2 weeks. They asked what color she would want and then got started wrapping her up, which Joss did not like very much, but she still did very well at sitting still in my lap.

The nurse gave her a giant stuffed rabbit since she was upset, which Joss loves now.

All in all, Joss did really great going from doctor's office to doctor's office with all those strange people poking at her and doing crazy things to her arm. She is such a good little girl. And we did get a piece of good news. With all of her clothes on, Joss finally weighs 20 lbs. :)

Waiting for the nurse to come in and cast her arm.

Sitting in the car seat checking out the new cast. She even gave it a few test licks.

Playing at grandma's. This cast hasn't stopped her one bit. She is still into everything and climbing on everything else.

The next day. Still happy.

Basket Case

Joss loves playing with baskets, purses, anything that she can put things in and carry around with her. One day, she was playing with this basket and when I turned around I found her like this:

I guess she decided to give it a test drive.

Sippy Joss

Joss makes me laugh because whenever she falls asleep in her carseat she is always holding something and she won't let go of it. She is also usually holding it up in the air too. As you can see in the picture she is completely asleep and still holding on firmly to that sippy cup of hers.

My First Attempt at Sewing Clothes

A little while ago, I found a cute pattern online for a little girls dress. It seemed really easy to make so I printed it off and got to work getting to use my new sewing machine that Patrick got me for my birthday!

My first attempt turned out too small. I'm not sure if I didn't print it out right or what, but the arm holes were too tight for Joslyn to wear comfortably. So, whichever of my friends has a baby girl first gets the adorable dress that I made!

So, I reprinted it and enlarged the pattern and got started on my second attempt. I was good to go until the very last step. Hemming. I've never had to do it before. Up until this point, basically everything that I have sewn has been pillow cases, quilts, things that don't need hemming. I was lost, so I called my mom and she helped me figure out what to do. Thanks!

With the hemming finished, everything was done. Joss got to wear her new dress to church today and she looked so cute with the bow I made to match. I am so happy with how it turned out.

Shopping with Joss

I really don't like shopping with Joss. It is such a pain. It takes three times as long and she whines and tries to escape from the cart the whole time.

However, its a little easier with Patrick there to help. This is how he helps.

If you look closely you can see Joss riding underneath the cart.

Here she is helping daddy push the cart down the aisle.

At least she is happy. :)

Game 6

Patrick and I were lucky enough to attend game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately, the Suns lost, but we still had a great time.

The night before, Patrick was online and found some cheaper tickets still available, so after some convincing he bought them and he was so excited to go!

The next day, we rode the light-rail down to the stadium, with my brother and an another friend of ours. It was my first time on the light-rail. It wasn't that exciting. Its like any other form of public transportation.

Anyway, when we got there we found our seats and everyone in the arena got free bright orange t-shirts to wear!

We had so much fun cheering and clapping! It was so fun. The whole stadium was standing for the entire fourth quarter! It was intense!

Here is the court from our seats. We didn't have the best seats, but they were still in the arena and that was all we cared about. Notice all the orange shirts in the crowd!

Here is us on the light-rail headed home. It was a great date night.