Saturday, September 10, 2011


For a few months now I have been going to our stake's women's fitness class. I'm really enjoying it. It's been really helpful for me because I'm not great at working out on my own. It's also nice to have somewhere to see other adults.
Joss and Seth love to go too. Seth really likes the CD player that we use. I'm always having to run over and pull him away from it. One of Joss's favorite things to do it to grab an extra yoga mat and curl up in it and pretend she is sleeping. She'll even fake snore on occasion. Most of the time they just have fun running around and playing with some of the nursery toys that we bring in for them.
Here is a picture of Joss with the yoga mats.
We've all been enjoying going and its good to know that I am doing something good for myself and the kids like to play and get out of the house every day.