Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here is a video of Joslyn taking a few steps. She is getting pretty good. Thanks Kristi for the video.

Back to School Time Again

Patrick is back in school again. It's really bittersweet. I know that it is good for us in the long run, but I miss him being home with us.

This semester, Patrick is taking three classes. He has a Calculus class, a Chemistry class and a Logic class.

He is a little upset that his Calculus teacher isn't going to let them use their calculators for any of their tests. His teacher says that if they use their calculators them they won't really know how to do the math.

I think I'm going to like his schedule better this semester since he will be home most nights by 7:30. He does have class scheduled until 9:45 two nights though.

Now, we just have about seven more years! Woohoo!

One Year Check-Up

Last week, we took Joslyn to her one year check-up. The doctor says she is doing great. Joss especially loved the doctor's stool. Patrick or I would sit on it with her in our lap and we would spin around and around. She would just giggle and giggle.

Joss is now completely off the bottle and drinking whole milk. She loves her sippy cups. I think she may be addicted to them actually. She screams when I take it away from her when it is empty. I also have to wait until she is done eating to even let her see it, because if she sees it she won't eat anymore.

Joss is also able to eat peanut butter and eggs, which she loves. She will eat a ton of PB&J. She also loved her scrambled eggs the other morning. One thing that is great about having Joss on solid foods is that it helps me to eat breakfast too.

Joss did get three shots. The dreaded ones that sting as they go in their legs. She was such a trooper. She cried for only a second and then stopped when I gave her a little snack.

Joslyn's stats are:
Height- 29 inches- 48%
Weight- 17 lbs 5 oz- 3%

I had a little discussion with Joss at the doctor's office and told her that she has three months to bulk up to 20lbs so we can flip her carseat and she needs to start walking too.

So far so good, she started walking the other night. She is still really wobbley and she mostly going in a slight circle, but she is doing it! Now maybe those PB&J's will help her pack on the pounds.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Christmas Card

*I forgot to post this.*

Joslyn got her first Christmas Card

and she was really excited about it.

*Also, ignore the fact that she only has one sock.*


I think she likes it. Or at least she likes to smear it all over her face.

Happy First Birthday Joss!

I can't believe my little baby girl is already one year old! Time sure flies by fast. To celebrate her birthday we just had a little celebration just the three of us. After dinner, we opened presents and ate cake.

Here is Joss ready for her cake.

Here is Joss with the electronic book that her Mamu and Papu gave her. She loves it. Thanks so much!

Opening more presents. Notice her sweet curls on the back of her head!

Bath toys

A train that spits out balls

Singing "Happy Birthday".

The first taste

Mmmm... So delicious!

Bath time! There were little chocolate cake pieces all over in the water. I had to drain the tub and start again because I was so grossed out.

This is what her cake looked like after she (and Patrick) was done with it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So, I have been a little worried about Joslyn's teeth.

She has five now and a few are working their way out. Unfortunately, she only has one front tooth right now. She has that front one and the one to the side next to where her other front tooth is supposed to be.

I have been worried that she would may have my teeth genetics and not have that tooth, (I am completely missing three teeth, they just never grew in my head) or that her front tooth came in to the side.

But, today I noticed that she is cutting that front tooth! Thank goodness! Not that she doesn't look cute with that big gap, because she does. I'm just glad that its coming in!