Saturday, February 27, 2010

Second Doctor's Visit

The 12th was our second doctor's visit with our new baby. We were excited to be able to hear the heartbeat. The doctor found it right away but our little baby wanted nothing to do with it and kept swimming away. He said that it sounded great but he couldn't get a reading on it, so he wanted to do an ultrasound to get the number for his records. It was 162 beats per minute.

My doctor also said he was disappointed in the fact that I had lost six pounds that month. He even asked Patrick and me if I was eating! Of course I am eating! If I don't I get sick! So hopefully I will have gained some weight for my next appointment.

Everything else went great. I have no complications so far and everything is measuring right on.

Here are some of the pictures they gave us. You can see the head on the left side. The baby is looking right at you. You can also see their little arm and leg buds.
Our doctor said they might be able to tell the sex of the baby but our ultrasound tech didn't even bother looking. :(

We have another ultrasound scheduled for March 10th to find out the sex! We are pretty excited. I think its a boy; Patrick isn't sure. Do you have any guesses? Leave us your guess and comments here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Future Pro Wrestler

At our house, you might not want to lay down on the floor. Joss has learned a few wrestling moves. :)

Riding Around

Joss has learned to ride on her little bike. She loves it. She has a hard time going forward on it though.

Laundry Time Helper

The other day, Joss decided to "help" me with the laundry. She thought it would be best to pull all of the clean clothes out of the laundry basket and put it all over the floor and couch.

Another Special Dress

This is a picture of Joss in the dress that her Mamu and Papu got her for Christmas. She finally fits into it. :) I think she looks so sweet in this picture.

Patrick's 27th Birthday!

Last Wednesday was Patrick's 27th birthday! He unfortunately had to go to work extra early and he also had school until late that night. Due to him not really being home for his birthday we celebrated on Saturday, when we would both be home to enjoy the fun.

We started by decorating the house. I was going to put up balloons, but the night before Joss decided that balloons freak her out. So we just put up the happy birthday banner that we got.

Next, I made chicken enchiladas. They were delicious, but I forgot to take a picture of them before we ate. Oops.

After dinner, we had dessert. I made one of Patrick's favorite treats. Rice Krispy Treats! I even put some festive sprinkles on to celebrate.

Here is the birthday boy blowing out his candles.

Once Joss went to bed Patrick and I watched some episodes of Lost and then he played his football games on his PS3. I think he had a great birthday.

Oh, I got him tickets to see Glenn Beck's American Revival in April.

Made with Love Many Years Ago

When I was a little girl about Joslyn's age, my grandmother made me this blue gingham dress. Now that Joss is old enough to wear it I thought I would put her in it too. She looked so adorable in this dress.

When I showed my grandmother the picture of Joss in the dress she said, "well that's a cute dress." I reminded her that it was the dress that she had many me and she said, "That was a lot of years ago." 25 years ago to be exact. :)

V-Day Necklaces

A while ago, my brother asked if I could watch his kids for a few minutes one night. I said sure and remembered these adorable valentine's necklaces that I saw on Make and Takes blog. I decided to make them with them and they turned out so cute!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bunched Up

My family seems to have a lot of birthdays in mid to late August. From August 17th to the 30th we have 7 different birthdays. It makes for a crazy birthday month! So Patrick and I have decided to add to that craziness. We are expecting our second child on August 19th. Right in the middle of it. My grandma has already told us that the 17th, (her birthday) would be the perfect day. We are so excited!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bath Letters

Joss got some foam letters for the bath for her birthday. She quickly learned how to get them wet and stick them to the bath tub.

First Word

On Thursday, Joslyn said her first word. We were eating dinner. We were having beans, which is one of Joss's favorite foods. I put the spoon up to her mouth and she pushes it away and says "no". I thought it was a fluke thing, but she did it three more times that night.


I was looking through some of my packed boxes and found this hat I made way back in high school. I brought it out and put it on Joslyn. She immediately took it off. She hates having anything on her head these days. I ran to get my camera and put it back on her head and quickly snapped this shot.

Sweet Times

The other night, Joss and I were waiting for Patrick to come home from work. We were playing together and she came and sat in my lap. I started singing her some primary songs. One of the songs has actions so I moved Joss off my lap so she could see them. She climbed right back into my lap and we sat there like that for a long time. We were so happy and content to just sit there with each other. It made making dinner a lot harder but it was totally worth it. Its one of those sweet mommy moments that I will always remember.

Snuggled Up

The other day I was doing something on the computer and Joss was playing with her toys in the corner behind me. I hadn't heard her for a while so I started looking for her. When I found her she had brought her blanket and snuggled up in her carseat.

Games with Daddy

Patrick recently got a new game console. He has wanted one FOREVER. I kept telling him to go buy one and he just never did. Finally, he went and got one a few weeks ago.

Since then, he hasn't actually had much time to play it because of school and work.

Well, the other morning he got to play his football game.

Joss loves it when her daddy plays video games because he sits on the floor. She loves to sit in his "lap" like this and play with him.

I have actually probably used this console more than Patrick has. We have Netflix and you can stream the movies and stuff straight to our tv through it! It is awesome. I've been watching Lost when Joss goes to bed every night. Right now, I am in the middle of season 3. Only two and a half season until I am caught up. :)

Talking on the Phone

Joslyn's favorite toy at her great grandma's house is an old phone. She will literally sit and play with that thing for over an hour. She loves it. Here's a video of her talking on the phone.