Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am really quite fed up with our apartment management company! They do nothing for us! Why do we even have them? I'm not really sure.

When we moved in, we noticed that our dishwasher did not work properly, and by did not work properly, I mean it made our dishes dirtier than when they started! We also noticed that our refrigerator door doesn't stay closed on its own, the A/C unit leaked, the top lock on our front door didn't work and that the oven was broken.

So, we made a complaint to the management company. They sent someone to fix it and we were happy, until we actually used the dishwasher and found it had the same problem still and realized they didn't even look at the refrigerator! At least, they did fix the lock on the front door, the oven and attempted to fix the leaking A/C unit, which they had to come out a fix again, and it still leak occasionally.

So, we made ANOTHER work order for the dishwasher and refrigerator. They came out and decided that the dishwasher was unable to be fixed and that we needed a new one. Still left the refrigerator broken.

At the end of May, they called and told us that our new dishwasher would be installed in June. We were so excited. Doing dishes by hand stinks!!!

June passes, then July, still no dishwasher. Then the first week of August, we get a note on our door saying that they are so behind on work orders that they have had to make a new list and that they would call to let us know when ours would be completed. No call, EVER!

August passes, September, October, November, December all pass! And still no dishwasher. We continue to ask them what is going on and all they can say is we are working on it. I'm sorry seven months is a little too long to still be "working on it"!

Finally, last week I get a phone call from the management company about our work order. They want to know if it was fulfilled! I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. I said, they came and looked at it, but that nothing was ever done about it. They were shocked! I told them we have been making work orders and telling you about this since April, how can you be shocked!?! She assures me she will talk to her manager and get to the bottom of this and will call me back this week. NO CALL, big surprise!

Well, this morning, as Patrick left for work he notices a note left on our door from the management company. The note was to inform us that our patio carpet is due for replacement! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! OUR PATIO CARPET! COME ON!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Umbilical Cord

Joslyn's umbilical cord fell off yesterday! Now, we can take a real bath!!

Two Week Check-Up

Joslyn had her two week check-up today. I can't believe she is already two weeks old. Anyway, she is doing great. She now weighes 6lbs 1oz and has grown 1.5 inches. The doctor says she is perfectly healthy and is happy to she her growing so well.

She also had to do her newborn screening today. For those how don't know, for the newborn screening they have this paper with 5 circles on it. They then prick your infants heel and squeeze drops of blood onto these five circles. They have to completely cover the circles, so it takes about four or five drops for each one. Joslyn was such a trooper. She was not happy about it, but she calmed down pretty quick. I made Patrick hold her while it happened because I was afraid I would be a big baby and cry, but I made it through!

We are so happy that our little girl is doing well. We really couldn't have asked for more than that. We love her so much.

Goodbye Lookout Mountain Ward

Yesterday, the stake called a meeting to realign some ward boundaries. They have disolved my ward into two other wards. Patrick and I are now in the Cactus View ward.

Patrick was so excited to get released from his calling. Unfortunately, they didn't release him... They will, they just still need him to do some of the transitional paperwork. It was really funny because at the meeting they released everyone with a ward calling, emphasizing that those with stake callings still retained them. This is when Patrick turns to me and says, "They didn't release me, ward clerk is a stake calling." Then our stake president from the pulpit says, "Yes, Brother Edwards, we will still need your help with merging the wards." It was pretty funny, you probably had to be there though.

So, last night Patrick spent a few hours getting all the records sent out to the right wards since he couldn't do it any other night this week because of school.

My two favorite parts of the night were:
1. Patrick's big concern- What will happen to the stake basketball tournament?
2. While talking to our stake president and his counselor, they found out about his "rock star" days and Patrick even showed them his long hair. They were most impressed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've never been much of a "find your answers online" kind of girl. Mainly, because there is so much junk information out there.

However, since becoming pregnant and especially since having this beautiful little girl, I've been googling things like crazy!

It started off trying to find a website that was reputable to help me know how my baby was growing inside. Then, I was looking up information and prices about cribs, car seats, and all the other items a family needs for a baby. Then it was my swelling, then breastfeeding and troubleshooting, then how much they are newborns supposed to sleep, then how to keep a baby entertained, then what to do for a baby that won't sleep, then learning about colic and baby formulas, and all sorts of other things trying to find answers. I think I've been to more websites and read more information in the last two weeks then I have the entirety of 2008!

Okay, so that is an over exaggeration, but it really feels like it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School Starts Again

Patrick started school again yesterday and I miss having him home already. It has been so nice to have him home every night. Now, he will be gone three nights a week and be spending his time studying and doing assignments. Joslyn and I will just have to make it through, at least we have eachother. We still have LOTS of schooling ahead of us!

How many weeks until Spring Break?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flipper Feet

For those of you who have seen Joslyn's feet, you know that they are on the big side. They are very long, for how tiny a baby she is. Patrick and I have decided that it is because she will either grow into them and be tall like her daddy or it is because she is supposed to be an Olympic swimmer and they are her flippers. So, I guess we will have to put in swim lessons early to find out if its a natural talent for her.

Baby Love

Patrick and I are head over heels in love with this beautiful baby of ours! Joslyn is so adorable! Here are just some of the things we love about her.

We love the expression she gets on her face when she sneezes.
We love how she gets the hiccups after every feeding.
We love how she watches everything that is going on around her.
We love how she always escapes from her blankets.
We love the dimple on her shoulder.
We love her long fingers.
We love her blonde, blonde hair.
We love her "flipper feet".
We love the double chin she is starting to get.
We love her little cry, and that she doesn't do it very often!
We love her little burps.
We love thinking about all the things we will get to do with her.
We love her completely.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joslyn Denise Edwards

Joslyn Denise was born at 8:22pm on Monday, January 12, 2009. She was a very tiny baby, weighing in at 5 lbs 9 oz. She is 18 inches long and completely beautiful. She is entirely sweet and very alert. She loves to look around the room and listen to what everyone is saying. She is such a sweetheart and already has daddy's heart. Daddy loves holding her. She is going to be spoiled rotten.

Below is the story of the delivery and more pictures at the end.

Sleeping in her crib

In the carseat

Getting ready to leave the hospital

My water broke Saturday night and was slowly leaking since. I called the nurse on Sunday because I wasn't sure what it was since it was just a slow leak. I also wasn't sure if it was even amniotic fluid. Unfortunately, even after talking with the nurse on the phone, I still wasn't sure and probably should have gone to the hospital, but since I was still feeling her moving well I decided not to go.

Monday, I woke up at 5:30 with contractions coming every ten minutes. So, I decided to get up early and make sure that everything was taken care of for our return from the hospital. But after three hours, my contractions weren't progressing and they were becoming irregular.

Luckily, we had our regular appointment that afternoon. I told my doctor about the leaking fluid and he checked it and sure enough it was amniotic fluid. He told me that they were going to induce me because of the heightened risk of infection to the baby. They sent us directly to the hospital to get checked in.

Once they got me all checked in and the IV going and monitored my contractions, which now were coming 5 minutes apart, they decided to start the pitocen. Because I was progressing well with my own contractions they decided to give my half the normal dose to help them out.

Patrick gave me a blessing and then took the time to run home and get our hospital bags and eat some dinner.

While Patrick was gone, they started the pitocen. Almost immediately Joss's heart rate plummetted. They ran back in and stopped the drip, turned me to my side and put me on oxygen.

When poor Patrick arrived back at the hospital he found me with the oxygen mask and the doctor and nurses hovering over me, explaining our options. We decided to get the epidural done before the nurses changed shifts.

Right after the epidural, Joss's heart started dipping low a few times. My doctor said that he wasn't going to take anymore chances and that we would be doing a c-section. So, we went from a regular doctor's appointment to having a c-section in about 3.5 hours.

Everything went perfectly for the c-section. I will say it is the worst thing I've ever been through, but it brought me one of the best things ever. Maybe in a while I will forget the pain enough to have another one.

Patrick and I are so thankful for the doctor's and nurses that took such good care of us. They were so knowledgeable and helpful with our questions. We are especially grateful for our Heavenly Father and His watchful eye. He really helped us get through a hard situation and we have such wonderful blessings to show.

Before our appointment

In recovery

Joslyn's first day

Happy family leaving the hospital



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Early Bird Drawing

Our apartment does an "Early Bird Drawing" each month. If you pay your rent before the first of the month you get entered into a drawing to win $50 of next month's rent. We have always been entered, but we have never won. Well, this morning, we found a notice on our door saying that we won this month! Pretty cool!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I had another doctor's visit this morning. I'm at 1.5 cm. The doctor also said that her head is right there. To which I replied, "Yeah I know, I can feel it!" He just laughed. He also said that if he had to guess, he would say about a week. So, we will see.

Raef told me last night that he was giving me four days, which makes it this Thursday, the 8th. Any other guesses?