Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

I am beginning to think that Joslyn has no idea that her eyes actually close. She will be so exhausted, you can see how tired she is all over her face, and yet she refuses to close her eyes! It makes no sense to me! She is so stubborn when it comes to going to sleep.

I guess she thinks that if she goes to sleep she will miss something exciting. What she hasn't figured out yet is that our house is very boring! Her dreams would be so much more entertaining. I try and try to explain this to her, but she just doesn't get it. Hopefully someday.

At least, she has stopped crying the whole time she is awake though. I hope that didn't just jinx myself.


Amy and Sean said...

Yeah, my Cali refuses to go to bed before matter how hard I try. She doesn't want to sleep either.


Sorry to hear that! I hope mine will go to sleep pretty easily. My parents use to drive me around in the car to get me to sleep faster. Good luck and I hope she starts getting better at going to sleep for you!

kedwards said...

For those who care my little girl has been awake now for eleven hours straight. :(

Amy and Sean said...

Hope this helps:

Tiffin said...

11 hours!!! WOW, Kelli you must be so tired!

I'm glad she is happier for you though.