Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In Arizona, flip flops are a must for summer weather and Joss is no exception. Here is a picture of her in her first pair of flip flops!


Most babies pick one blanket that they love to death. Not Joslyn though. She needs all of her blankets. All 8-10 of them. She loves them.

If we leave a room and have left one behind, it is the end of the world! She cries when she can't pick all of them up at one time. It gets pretty ridiculous sometimes.

She is getting better though. Now she is usually fine as long as she has one and most of the time she just wants them to sit on or snuggle up with me.

I was a little hurt the other night though when she bonked her head with a toy and ran down the hall to get comfort from her blankets instead of walking two feet to me.

Big Girl Carseat

We FINALLY switched Joss from her infant carseat into her big girl seat. In our defense though, she still fit within the height and weight parameters of the infant seat. :)

She loves it! Now she runs to the car and giggles when I put her in her seat. She loves being able to see out the windows and wave at the other cars.

She also likes that she gets to see Mommy and Daddy. I also like that I can see her too. She is so cute in her big girl seat.

She Likes to Make Drawrings

Joslyn's new passion is drawing! She will sit and draw for hours everyday. She LOVES it! If she sees a pen or pencil she has to have it so she can draw.

Luckily, she has kept her drawing to paper in her notebook. I'm really hoping it stays that way.

She is actually pretty good about holding the pencil properly too. She mainly uses her right hand but she switches back and forth regularly, which is to be expected. Patrick is really hoping that she will be a lefty like him.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mermaid Look

Joslyn has been trying so hard lately to put her pants and shirt on all by herself. Unfortunately, she always ends up with "The Mermaid Look". She can't seem to get her leg into the other side of the pants. She also puts her shirts on her legs too. We have a lot to work on. :)