Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things

For those on Facebook, you know that the cool new thing to do is post the "25 things" note. What this is is just 25 random facts about you for people to read and comment on. So, here are our 25 things.

1. Patrick and Kelli love watching Wheel of Fortune together. We want to be contestants.

2. Patrick has lived on four out of the seven continents.

3. Kelli counts each stair in her head as she climbs them.

4. Joslyn has a dark red birth mark on her right side.

5. Patrick and Kelli have a honeymoon baby, but never went on a honeymoon. :)

6. Patrick has been hit by two cars as a pedestrian, in the same location.

7. Kelli lost her skirt in front on a large crowd of people while singing in "The Messiah".

8. Joslyn is getting a double chin.

9. Patrick and Kelli have never had a fight.

10. Patrick's band had one of their songs played on a popular radio station in Los Angeles.

11. Kelli hates to bake, especially cookies.

12. Joslyn is learning to smile.

13. Patrick and Kelli play Sorry and Scrabble or watch movies from Netflix for date night.

14. Patrick plays the tuba.

15. Kelli recently read the Chronicles of Narnia.

16. Joslyn loves when her daddy bounces her on the boppy.

17. Patrick and Kelli need a new antenna for their converter box.

18. Patrick loved his economics class last semester and wants to take another class.

19. Kelli will have her BA when she finishes her internship.

20. Joslyn sometimes snorts when she cries.

21. Patrick and Kelli love string cheese.

22. Patrick lived in Japan.

23. Kelli wants to take a dance class.

24. Joslyn loves her bouncer.

25. Patrick and Kelli live on the third floor.



Good random thoughts. I dont know if I can come up wtih that many, but I think I might try If I get to bored at work, which happens often.

Tiffin said...

So is Patrick going to play "Silent Night" on the tuba for us at the next family Christmas party!!