Monday, June 27, 2011

Deer Valley Pre-4th Firework Show

Last Saturday the park near my parent's house did a firework show to celebrate the 4th of July. We decided to go as a family. Joss had a lot of fun until the set off the first firework. We were REALLY close, like having the casings fall on you close and she was scared because it was loud. She ran over to me and told me she wanted to go home. I tried to get her to look at them but she wouldn't. She whined on my shoulder for a few minutes and then fell asleep. The rest of us enjoyed them.
Rachel playing around before the show

Josh playing in the grass

Joslyn keeping hydrated

Hailey, Adam, Coleton and Kade playing on the fitness equipment

Seth and his new toy. He loves water bottles.


Laying around waiting for the show to start.

The fireworks


Whenever I try to get a picture of Seth, Joss runs over and tries to get in the picture too. Here is a cute picture I got of them when I was trying to take Seth's 10 month photo.


Joslyn is growing up so fast. She has become very bossy. She is always telling other kids what not to do. She is also quite the bully at times. If someone isn't doing what she wants them to do she will push them. She is always pushing poor Seth over. Luckily, most of the time he doesn't care and goes on playing with his toys.
Joslyn has started talking up a storm. Everyday she is using new words. I just wish she would use "please" a little more. She is really good about saying "thank you" though.
Joss loves to climb/hang from things. We call her our little monkey. She is always hanging from one thing or another. She is really strong. I am actually really surprised, but happy that she hasn't tried to climb out of her crib yet. She knows how to climb into it, just not out of it.
Joss also loves to color. She especially loves when her daddy lets her color pictures on his phone.
She has also started wanting me to put bows in her hair and she will usually keep them in for a while too. They usually just fall out on their own from all her climbing and jumping around. I do wish her hair was longer and fuller so I could do some fun stuff with it. but that will come.
I can't believe my little baby has become a little girl. She will be three before I know it.

Ten Months

Seth is ten months old now! He is such a sweetheart. He has developed a scrunchy-faced smile that just melts my heart. He has also learned how to stand without holding on to anything for support and it won't be long before he is walking and running around. He still has no teeth but they will be coming soon. He loves balls and books. He will play with them all day. He is such a great eater. We have only come across one thing that he doesn't like and that is melon. He has gotten better about eating it lately, but its still not his favorite and will often be left sitting on his tray. We love this little guy!

Colonel Mustard

My dad loves dutch oven cooking. He has a group of friends that get together regularly and cook together. He also competes in dutch oven cooking competitions.
In this circle of dutch oven friends he is known as Colonel Mustard. He got this nickname when he accidentally added 2 CUPS of mustard to a recipe that only called for 2 Tablespoons. Big difference there.
For Father's Day I decided to make him this apron to wear at his dutch oven gatherings.

Sweaty Boy

This is how Seth woke up one afternoon from his nap.


Joslyn's favorite after-bath activity is being "Flutter-Joss". She puts her towel on her head grabs the corners and runs around flapping her "wings". She especially loves it when he join her. She runs around giggling and Seth usually chases her trying to grab onto her towel.

Flapping her wings.

Scooter Girl

Joss loves to ride scooters. She is not very good at it. She can't seem to get it. She just keeps her weight in the foot that is on the ground and rolls away leaving that leg behind. She has a ton of fun on them though. Here she is riding at my parent's house.

Also that night she decided to sit in the dirt and pour it all over her head. I was trying to get a picture of just how dirty she was. She has a nice little dirt mustache.

Pool Time

I decided to get the kids a little pool this summer to help keep us cool in the heat and to entertain us a little this summer. We have had a lot of fun with it. One morning we were watching my niece Rachel and we had her bring her suit so we could have fun in the pool.


The other night we were hanging out at my parent's house after dinner and Joss got out the dominoes. Pretty soon Patrick came over to show her how fun it is to line them up and knock them done. Joslyn was pretty good at setting them up she just needs to work on getting them closer together. She was even really good at waiting patiently for daddy to finish setting them up before she would knock them down.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

For Memorial Day weekend my sister invited us over to her house for swimming and playing on a big inflatable waterslide. It was lots of fun Joss loved the water slide even if she was nervous about going down the first time.
Here is Joss in her new swimsuit all ready to leave to go swimming. Isn't her hair cute. She actually let me do it that day and then took it out in the car. :( At least I have a picture.

Here is Joss going down the water slide.
Kade and Coleton

Even Seth went down the slide. He wasn't so sure about it though.

Hair Donating

I've been growing my hair out since right before I had Seth. At first I just wanted to see if I liked my hair long, which I don't, and then it was trying to decide how to cut it and by that time it had almost been a year and I pretty much had enough to donate my hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program. This is a program that creates wigs using donated hair for women who have lost their hair while fighting cancer. I thought as long as I was going to cut off my hair I might as well do some good with it. So Saturday May 28th, I went and cut off 8 inches of and it felt great!
Here is my before picture. Lots of hair.

Here is my after picture. A cute little bob.

Here is my ponytail ready for donating.

I am so glad that I was able to help someone that is going through a very hard time in their lives. I hope that my hair will be able to help them to cope with their trials.

A Trip to the Park

On the 9th of June, Patrick was home from work that afternoon so we decided to head to the park and enjoy the nice weather. It was a little warm, but not the 115 degrees it would be soon. We just went up to the city park near our house and played on the playground and then the splash pad. The kids had a blast!
Here is Joss on the slide. She LOVES slides. She will play on them all day long.

Seth on the swing. He loved the swings. He giggled the whole time.

Seth and Joslyn riding the zebra and the sea horse. Joss loved it, Seth wasn't a huge fan.

Seth going down the slide with an assist from daddy.

Joss on this twirly seat, which she loved and got super dizzy riding.

Joss trying to climb up to the slide. She got too scared and climbed back down, went around to the other side and used the stairs.

After playing on the playground for a while, we were pretty warm. Poor Joss is just like me and turns bright red when we get hot. Since we were all a little warm we took the kids to the splash pad and let them play in the water to cool down. Joss hadn't been to one since last year so she was pretty excited. Seth was very interested but very cautious.

The kids were soaked by the end of it, but they were very happy. We all had lots of fun playing together at the park.


Joss loves grapes so we get them at our house pretty regularly. She does however get bored with having them and then will refuse to eat them. So then I wait a few weeks and then we get them again. One day I got her a bowl of grapes and when I went to put her bowl in the sink this is what I found.

A bowl full of grapes, each with one bite out of them.

Hanging Around

Seth loves to arch his back and look behind him. I'm pretty sure that if he tried he could touch his head to his bum. He has always done this. Its really scary/annoying when you are holding him and he dives his head back. We always had to warn people that wanted to hold him because if you weren't prepared for it you could easily drop him.
He has learned that he can hang from things now. He loves to hold on to the bar under his high chair and hang out there. This is the only picture I have of him doing it and it isn't good, but you can see him hanging out.

Friday, June 24, 2011

9 months old

Seth turned 9 months old back in May. I'm really behind in my blogging. I have just been lacking the motivation. Sorry. I am going to try and get caught up in the next little while, so prepare for lots of posts about my cute little kids.
Anyway, Seth also had a doctor's visit. He weighed 18 lbs (19th percentile) and was 28 1/4 inches long (38th percentile). The doctor says he looks great and is developing right on schedule. Always a relief to hear.
Seth loves to play/annoy Joss. He wants to do everything that she is doing which bothers her to no end. One of their favorite games involves Joss running away dragging a blanket behind her and Seth crawls and tries to catch her. They love this game and giggle the whole time they play.
He also loves to play in Joss's room. Mainly, he likes to knock over her fan, but he also loves her toys. He whines whenever the door is closed and he can't get in to her room.
He is a sweet little boy and I love cuddling with him. He has finally started sleeping through the night. It just took a few nights of letting him cry it out. Which was hard but worth it in the end.
We love having Seth in our home he is such a wonderful baby.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watching TV

Lately, whenever Joss watches TV she likes to get into funny positions. Sometimes its just taking all the cushions off the couch and sitting/jumping on the couch. Sometimes its climbing up on top of them all. Sometimes its hanging her head off the front of the couch and other times she sits on the arm instead. Its always fun to see how she will end up each time.