Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Breakfast

I was so excited to hear that Denny's was giving away free grand slams today. I was even more excited when I realized that Patrick had the day off too! I told him that we needed to go and get our free breakfasts. Patrick of course said yes because a FREE breakfast is Patrick's favorite kind!

So, after getting Joslyn fed and ready to go, we headed to the restaurant. The line was out the door and they said it was about an hour wait. If it had been just Patrick and me, I would have just waited, but with little Joslyn, I didn't want to wait in the sun.

Luckily, I suggested that we go to the other Denny's near our house and see what the wait was there. I expected the similar time frame, but luckily we could wait inside. So, we put our names down and waited. The wait wasn't near as long as we had been told. It was only half an hour later that they were seating us.

Since they already knew what we were ordering, they only asked us what we wanted to drink and how we wanted our eggs. We were in and out of the restaurant in about 50 minutes. Not too bad, considering the amount of people there to eat.

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I couldn't go since I wasn't going to go at 6 am without my husband since he goes to work at 6:30 and I leave for work not until 8:30am. That is cool you got to go!