Sunday, May 20, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

For Valentine's Day, Patrick and I have decided that we are going to switch off cooking a special dinner for the other one each year. This year was Patrick's first year cooking. He did a great job! And to top it off he even let me go and get a pedicure while he stayed home with the kids, put them to bed and cooked our dinner. The MOST AWESOME HUSBAND award for sure goes to Patrick! I am the luckiest girl ever! Here is a picture of my pedicure
Our romantic dinner table. He made a delicious Chicken in basil Cream Sauce. You can find the recipe here. It was really yummy. He also bought me those tulips which are my favorite!
And for dessert we had chocolate fondue with lots of delicious dippers.
I love my husband so much and I am thankful each day that he chose to marry me.

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