Monday, May 21, 2012

Miscellaneous Photos

Seth loves his blanket. He loves snuggling up with it no matter where he is.
Joss and Seth found their camping chairs and had to sit in them. They took them all over the house and sat and looked at nothing imparticular.
Hand stands
Seth in his wrestling cape
Joss and me after church one Sunday
Joss let me curl her hair one afternoon while Seth was napping.
To keep Joss and Seth busy one morning I used masking tape to tape a large grid on the carpet. They had a ton of fun jumping from square to square and trying to jump all the way across.
Joss prefers to pour her water on the table and then slurp it off.
Joss loves raw spinach leaves. She refused to eat a cinnamon roll one morning, but she loves spinach leaves.
Joss was sick one day and my visiting teacher brought her this adorable stuffed chick. Joss calls it "Chicky-duck" and she loves her. She even chose to bring Chicky-duck to Hawaii instead of her Curious George stuffed animal.
The kids love playing on their "jumping game".
Joss built herself a tent.
Daddy gives the best pony rides

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Five Bresees said...

That tape grid is a great idea!! I will be trying that one out soon!