Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 2- Polynesian Cultural Center

One of the things that we really wanted to do was go to the Polynesian Cultural Center or PCC. The PCC is a great place to learn about the different cultures in the Polynesian islands. The center also helps students from these nations gain an education by allowing them to work while they go to school at BYU-Hawaii, which is right next door. The center has different villages to visit and each village has shows to see and activities to try. Here is Joss and I standing in front of the entry waterfall
Joss learning to play one of the games
Patrick enjoying his pineapple delight while we wait for the parade to start.
Joss loved the pineapple delight, but Seth refused to even try it. He missed out because they were delicious.
The canoe parade, or "Rainbows of Paradise" happens every afternoon. The performers travel down the river that meanders through the center. While on these canoes they perform their native dances. Here is the Hawaii Royalty opening the parade.
Tonga- Joss said these were her favorite
Our favorite place to visit was Samoa. Patrick was so excited to try and make fire. Joss liked watching the guys climb the trees and the show was hilarious. Patrick and the kids also liked twirling the fire knives.
People were pretty impressed by Patrick's twirling abilities. When he was in high school he joined ROTC just to spin the rifles and he was really good at it too.
After the parade we decided to get in a canoe ourselves. The kids loved it and it got us to where we needed to be for the luau quickly!
We chose to attend the Ali'i Luau. We really enjoyed getting to see the dancers and the food was delicious. Some more than others. Joss also liked her lei, or her pretty flower necklace as she would call it. We weren't big fans of the poi.
Joss loved the purple taro rolls. And Seth refused to eat anything other than chocolate cake. Seth wasn't feeling well and was pretty much refusing to eat our first few days in Hawaii.
Here is our family picture after the luau.
We would definitely recommend going to the PCC. We really enjoyed our time there. We would have loved to have gone to the evening show "Ha: Breathe of Life". We decided not to go because it was just too late for our kids with the time change.

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