Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 3- A Day at the Beach/ Laie Temple

Thursday morning we spend our time at the beach. We went to a beach called White Plains Cottages. It was a really pretty beach and was really shallow for a long way out into the ocean. I was a little nervous about how Seth would do at the beach, but that kid loved the water! We did have to make sure that we were always on top of him though because he just wanted to go in farther and farther. Joss has been talking about going to the beach with Aunt Kristi for months now. She was so excited to be there and loved every minute of it. Kristi was nice and bought the kids sand toys to use while we were there. Joss loved filling them up with sand and dumping it out and doing it over and over again. She also loved jumping in the waves and rolling around in the sand. Joss and Seth tried to build a sand castle, but their sand wasn't wet enough and they didn't really want to use the wet sand that I brought up for them.
Hayden was not sure about the beach and he for sure did not like the water. It was a bit cold for him.
Seth started the day off with swim trunks but they soon came off because they were just too big on him. They were 18 month trunks and he is 21 months. My kids are very small.
Joss trying to get more sand.
Seth with his dad jumping over the waves.
That is one happy boy!
Joss loved rolling around in the sand. She did however learn that sand sticks to you every where!
Kristi's Relief Society has a group that goes to the beach and one of the ladies will teach you how to surf. We decided to go to the beach with them so Kristi and Patrick got to go surfing. Patrick even stood on the board for about 5 seconds. Pretty good for a beginner.
I mentioned how the water was shallow for a long way out, but I neglected to mention that the coral reef starts about 5 feet out from the beach. Kristi got a little scratched up when she was trying to get on her board.
One of the ladies from Kristi's ward had a water proof camera and took some pictures of Patrick out in the water.
The kids also got to get on the board. It won't be long before they are out there riding the waves too.
Our family picture at the beach.
And a picture from the beach. It was very beautiful.
After the beach, we grabbed some lunch and headed back to Mike and Kristi's for showers and naps. Later that afternoon, Patrick and I headed off for a date night. We had made arrangements with Kristi to watch our kids over night while we went to the temple and spent a romantic night alone. Thanks Kristi and Mike! Here we are in the car ready for our date night.
On our way to the temple we stopped at the Nuuanu Pali Lookout. The view is beautiful from these cliffs. It was also really REALLY windy and I was so worried about my dress blowing up, which it did a few times, that we decided to not spend too much time there.
It took us about an hour longer to get to the temple than we were planning because of the horrible traffic on the island, but it was totally worth the drive. We were able to do an endowment session and some sealings. It was really special for us to do the sealings because this was our anniversary celebration.
When we finished at the temple, we were starving, so we headed down the road looking for some place to eat and came across L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, which we love from back at home. It was fun to get to eat it on the island. :)


Five Bresees said...

There's an L&Ls in Arizona?? Crazy, I grew up there and definitely didn't know that! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip!

Preventive Pest Control said...

The only one I know of is at Happy Valley and the I-17. It is just as good as the one in Hawaii too.