Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving Pains

Who knew that moving was such a pain?

There is so much to do and it is all a big pain in the you know where! Here are just some of the reasons moving stinks.

1. You must pack all your belongings. You never seem to have enough boxes and things never fit right. You have to make sure they aren't too heavy, or lopsided, and that your breakables are packing super well so that they are still in one piece when you reopen that box later. Then, as soon as you get the box filled you realize that the side or bottom of the box is really flimsy so you have to take everything out to fix it. Argh!

2. You have to get the utilities set up and turned off and make sure that they are on in time to get the fridge cold and shut off with enough time to get everything cleaned. BTW we don't have a garbage can so we are going to have to pay for a new one, unless we can find it.

3. Renting a moving truck. Getting it picked up and returned and driving the monster.

4. Changing your address everywhere and forwarding everything else! What a pain?! Also getting the mailbox rekeyed since we don't have the key to the mailbox.

5. Deep cleaning two houses. Enough said.

Such pains! But necessary evils. Luckily, it is all for a good cause. We are moving into OUR house.

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