Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrity Status

I have decided that babies are like mini celebrities.

You can't go out in public with out people pointing to them. It is especially bad if they have small children of their own. The brave ones will even come up and talk to you about how cute they are and start asking all sorts of random questions. Always wanting to know how old they are, if they sleep through the night, etc.

In fact, Joslyn and I took a walk to get the mail today and a truck pulled over just to ask how old she was. I'm not going to lie, I was a little freaked out when they first pulled over, but they asked their question got the answer and drove away.

I think it was especially bad for Joslyn because she was so small. When she was first born they all wanted to know how early she was and how much she weighed when she was born. Their faces would make me laugh when I would tell them that she wasn't early and that she was just small. They just couldn't seem to believe it. I can't really blame them though. I, myself, had to do a double take when I first saw what she weighed.

It is just nice walking through a store and everyone smiles at you because of the adorable little girl in your arms. :)


Liz and Trevor Weed said...

I agree! It is such a fun phenomenon! Your little family is adorable :)

Amy and Sean said...

Yes, everyone tells me that Cali should be in commercials because she looks like the Gerber baby. Maybe I should look into it...