Wednesday, January 9, 2013

July 2012

We had a lot of fun in July. Here are some pictures.
I started doing a picture a day challenge and Day one for the month was a self portrait.
Joslyn was having a little trouble getting her shirt on.
On the 2nd, we went bowling with some cousins. They all had so much fun. Here is Raef watching the ball go down the lane.
Joss managed to get her ball to stop on the lane. We had to call an employee over for help on more than one occasion.
Preston trying for a strike.
Joss pushing her ball down.
Seth was so excited to get to play with the big kids.
Caleb bowling.
Hanging out in the arcade while we got everything paid for after our games.
After bowling we went to lunch at Subway.
When we got home we did some cleaning. Joss and Seth thought it was so fun to help me vacuum under the couch cushions.
They also thought it was fun to use it to suck on their faces and hair.
Poor Seth got a new pair of shoes and they gave him a pretty big blister on both feet.
No matter how many times I tell him not to, he always puts his feet up like this.
For the Fourth of July we went to our ward's cub scout fundraiser. It was a pancake breakfast. Here is Joss all dressed up for breakfast.
On the way home from the breakfast it started to rain. Joss loves to dance in the rain.
Holidays mean that Patrick gets to stay home and play with us. We like that! A LOT!
I think Joss outgrew her pajamas.
Seth got to do a little modeling this summer. He was not a fan of it, but did an alright job.
I decided to do something fun with my nails one night.
One night we went to the KPHO 5 news station for our webelos den field trip. The boys really enjoyed it. They even got to read from the teleprompter and watch them tape live.
We made puffy paints and used them to draw pictures.
Joslyn's creation
My rainbow
This summer we made a bucket list of all the things that we wanted to do before school started. We got a late start on it, so I made this calendar to help us get everything done, which we did. :)
One of our bucket list items was taking a field trip to Cerreta's candy factory. Joss loved getting to see all the candy and loved getting to eat it even more.
For those that are a little more adventurous than me you can try to chocolate covered jalapenos.
Chocolate covered marshmallows. The kids loved these.
Seth eating his marshmallow. He and Joss wore their tie-dyed shirts that we made the night before. They did a pretty good job making them.
What chocolate factory would be complete without an oompa-loompa?
Seth was so excited when I let him pick out a few candies to take home with us. He literally ran around like a kid in a candy store.
Another fun summer activity was going to the movies with our cousins. We went with them to see Rio and the Smurfs movie. Joss had a blast, Seth couldn't quite last the whole time so we ended up in the hall for a good part of the movie.
Here we are killing time waiting for the movie to end.
Earlier this summer we potty trained Joslyn. She regressed a little so we had to redo everything. We made a chart and for each day that she had no accidents so got a sticker. For every seven days she got a reward and after 28 days she got a bike. One of her rewards was going to the splash pad at the park.
Joss enjoying the tunnel.
Manning the spray gun
Dancing in the water.
Seth really loves this toy. He brings with him throughout the whole house. He plays with it all the time.
Joss starts preschool in August so we went shopping for some school clothes and a backpack. We snagged these shoes for $4.
One of our bucket list items was making a pinata. We decided to combine it with Grandpa's birthday. The kids loved getting to break it open. Seth especially loved the bat. He threw his candy down when he saw that someone else put it down and started running to grab it.
Seth taking his turn.
The heat made my fingers swell this summer and I ended up needing to get my ring cut off. It was really sad. Especially when they told me that they are unable to resize it because it has a special setting and there are so few people that can actually do it. So now I either need to find a special jeweler to resize it or use the diamond and gold to create a completely new ring. Not the easy fix I thought it was going to be. :(
Joss had her first friend sleep over. She invited her cousin Rachel to spend the night. They were so cute. We watched the Olympics and did the diet coke/mentos experiment with them. So fun.
We started bedtime early because we knew it was going to take a long time for them to actually go to sleep. The girls even swapped their stuffed animal friends. It was pretty cute.
Joss found my stack of plastic party cups and created a long line with them throughout the house. She then stacked them tall and Patrick and I showed her how to make a castle with them too.
I made this dress for Joss ages ago and she finally fit into it. This is, unfortunately, the best picture of her that I could get. She said that she had something on her tongue.
Playing basketball at the church while we wait for daddy's meeting to be over.

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