Wednesday, January 16, 2013

September 2012

September was a month of fun for us. It started with a Wilkins Family Reunion in Pinedale, AZ. We had a great time there. We played games, swung on the swing, went for nature walks, slept in tents, enjoyed out family and getting to spend time outdoors. One of the fun things we did was the slip 'n' slide.
The slide went down hill and they added baby shampoo to make it faster and easier. Even though the water was cold and the wind was blowing the kids thought that it was the best thing ever.
Emmalin wouldn't let anyone help her down, so she only ended up going about 3 feet on the slide.
Rachel and Caleb.
Another fun thing we did was shoot arrows. My sister, Tiffin, made bows out of pvc pipe and my mom brought arrows made from wooden dowels and pencil erasers. The kids, especially the boys loved shooting them.
Behind my Aunt's house there lives a burro. She was very sweet and the kids loved feeding her apples and petting her.
Seth loved hanging out with his Uncle Ben. Probably because he almost always had a treat for him. They would take walks together and just have lots of fun. Seth really enjoyed it when they went and laid in the hammock out back.
On Sunday, we decided to go and visit the temple in Snowflake. It was very pretty.
On the way home, we got stuck in a hail storm. We couldn't see anything, but it wasn't very long and about five minutes down the road the skies where clear and bright blue again.
To help break up the drive for the kids we stopped at the fish hatchery. The kids loved it. They were in heaven when we gave them food to feed the fish. They thought it was great how they jumped around trying to get the food. The kids really enjoyed our trip and Joss still talks about going to Aunt Nadine's ranch months later.
Joslyn all ready for bed.
Seth is pretty grumpy when he wakes up from his naps somedays. This was one of those days.
One afternoon, I made the mistake of laying on the floor. Seth promptly ran over to use me as a recliner.
Joss loves to watch movies this way. She tells me that it is comfortable.
For a few weeks Seth wouldn't eat dinner unless he was sitting in his daddy's lap. This of course made Joss think that she too had to sit in daddy's lap.
Joss loves to help me cook or bake. She was especially excited when I let her stir the marshmallows for our rice crispy treats.
Seth has the cheesiest grin.
When the weather turned nice again the kids really enjoyed riding their bikes in the backyard.
Patrick and I try to go on regular date nights. We really enjoy them and it gives me a chance to dress up a little bit.
Seth's cast couldn't get wet so every time he had a bath we had to wrap it up with towels and put it in a bread bag. It looked pretty funny but it helped us keep it dry.
Joss loves to draw. This is a picture that she drew of Patrick and me. Not the best picture of us, but she is really starting to get the important details into her pictures.
Joss is also really enjoying books. She loved taking my books off the bookshelf, look at the cover and then create a whole story to go along with the cover photos. It was pretty amusing to listen to her stories.
Joss loves to hang out in her closet. She has made a little seat out of the food storage that we keep in there.
In many of the pictures of Seth you will see him with his blanket. He loves his blanket and wants to take it with him everywhere.
Seth loves to jump. He is always taking the pillows off the couch and stacking them up so that he can jump onto them.
This month we went on a preschool field trip to the Children's Museum. The kids loved it, but they always do. It was my first time taking them by myself and I was worried that they would be hard to handle with so many fun things to do, but they stayed together and we all had fun. Joss and Seth really loved the car wash. I love that Joss wanted to pull Seth around on the bike.
Joss looks like she is going super fast in this picture.
Seth didn't have his cast on for very long. I think it was only like three weeks. Thankfully kids heal quickly. The cast didn't really bother him too much, but he was so excited to get his cast off.
Seth is a really snuggly kid. I love that about him.
Seth thinks that the doll house roof is a slide. Silly kid thinks that anything with a slant is a slide.
I found these fun super hero capes and masks and I thought the kids would enjoy them. Seth won't wear his so Joss made me wear it.
We decided to take the kids out for frozen yogurt. Joss was so happy to get to pick out her own toppings and flavors. She put gum balls, circus animal cookies and m&m's in her chocolate yogurt.
One Saturday I took the kids to a local farmers' market. We got some good veggies and I let Joss pick out anything that she wanted. She chose a lemon cucumber. It tasted just like a cucumber. It was just the size and color of a lemon.
Joslyn loves her bedtime book readings with her daddy.
Having fun taking pictures of my cute little girl
My visiting teacher brought me some pumpkin seeds. Here is the first little sprout. It didn't last long, but it did sprout.
Patrick's work had a lake day. They rented jet skiis and people brought their boats out. We all had fun.
On the way to the lake
Silly kid.
Sometimes these two are really nice and cute together.

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