Sunday, September 30, 2012

June 2012

June was a great month for us. We were very excited to have Patrick around more since he was out of school for the summer. We got to spend lots of time as a family and we loved it. At the beginning of the month we had some maintenance to be done on my car, nothing major, just stuff that needed to be fixed. While it was getting fixed we spent the day at my parents' house waiting for the call that it was all finished. Here is Seth and my Dad hanging out that afternoon.
We also bought a treadmill. We got a smoking deal on it and the kids and I love using it. While we were at the mall looking at the different models, Joss had fun going in the display tents. This one is HUGE. Patrick could stand straight up in it without any difficulty.
One thing that the kids love to do is climb into the cabinets on our entertainment center.
My friend Kat had a baby girl and we threw her a rainbow themed baby shower. I made this super yummy cupcakes. They were so perfect for the theme.
One day, we stopped in to visit my old office. The kids loved getting to play with the pinball machine.
One night while we were out running errands we decided to stop and get some ice cream. Joss was in heaven and so was Seth.
One morning, Joss woke up with a red/irritated eye. I was worried that it was pink eye so we took her to urgent care. Sure enough that was what it was. Here is Joss waiting to see the doctor.
Seth loves his blanket. He has started dragging it around the house with him.It is so sweet.
Some times, Seth gets into trouble. Usually for throwing things or hitting his sister. He is not a fan of timeout.
Patrick brought back these wrestling capes from a company trip. At the time the kids wouldn't wear them, but these days they love to run around with them.
Joss loves helping me to cook. She especially loves filling up measuring cups and stirring. One day I was making something that I needed to make by myself, but Joss really wanted to help. I decided to give her a bowl and spoon with some quinoa in it. She was busy for hours.
There is a gap between the wall and our couch. The kids love spending time there. One Sunday afternoon, I told Seth it was time for his nap. He grabbed his blanket and laid down in this gap. It was a nice try but I knew he wasn't going to sleep there so we moved him to his room.
Our kids love to wrestle.
Seth loves to climb and he loves water. On this day he decided to combine the two by dancing around in the toilet. He was so happy. We were not.
One night, Patrick brought home tickets for a diamondbacks game. The kids have never been to one, so they were pretty excited. Seth loved the clapping and cheering. Joss loved the food. Joss is a little scared of heights and was a little uncomfortable with our seats.
We did some more swimming this month. Seth and Joss both had to have goggles on whenever they went into the pool. They loved having them on.
Joss loves to dance and it doesn't matter where she is. Here is a picture of her twirling down the aisles of Target.
Here is our future dentist helping Joss brush her teeth.
Joss was so happy to help me make Daddy a special treat. He loves rice crispy treats.
The weather here is very warm in June. Seth was trying to make sure that he was staying hydrated.
Watching fireworks at Deer Valley Park's Fourth of July Celebration. We were really close again this year. So close that my brother had ash fall on his head. Joss wasn't a fan of the loud booms but they both loved watching the fireworks.

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