Monday, February 13, 2012

Patrick and Kelli's Christmas Present

For Christmas this year we decided to build ourselves an entertainment center. We used plans from Ana White's website to make six pieces that combined for one large unit. It was A LOT of work and it took us much longer than we thought it was going to. Patrick literally spent day and night working on this project. I would help during nap time and after the kids were in bed. Even though it was a ton of work and by the end we really started to hate it, we loved working together on this project and are very happy with the way it turned out.

Patrick's first step in making the entertainment center was to make himself a work bench.

Next he made the main tv console.

After that, we made the tv hutch, two side cabinets, and the two side hutches.

Once that was all done, we sanded it down, primed it and put two coats of paint on her. Here is a tip for you, don't paint outside at night. It doesn't work so well. :)Needless to say our paint job isn't that great, but we were so finished working on this project that we didn't care.

Once everything was dry we brought it in, added holes for the cords, put the cabinet doors on including all the hardware, secured it to the wall and added our accessories. Patrick still needs to make two small drawers for until the tv and I still need to distress it, but we love it and are very happy with how it came out.

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Five Bresees said...

Wow!! That's amazing! I love that website. We used plans from there to make our platform bed and are in the process of making the kids a bunk bed.