Monday, February 13, 2012

Joss Turns 3!!!

Poor Joslyn was recovering from the stomach flu on her actual birthday. Though you couldn't tell from this picture.

Since she wasn't feeling well and since her daddy was at work/school the whole day we celebrated a few days later.

We put up lots of fun decorations while she was taking a nap, so that when she woke up, daddy would be home and we would all be ready to party!

Joss got a fun new outfit, some play food and dishes, but most of all her mommy and daddy made her a new play stove!

After opening presents and playing for a while, we went out to dinner at Red Robin. Joss was pretty shy when they all came to sing to her, but she was smiling really big too. She also got a balloon and an ice cream sundae! So fun. Seth really enjoyed watching everyone and Joss was really liking coloring the kids menu.

The next day, I made Joss a special monkey birthday cake. She named it George after Curious George and loved getting to share it with everyone. She did however keep asking me where her George cake went and I had to remind her that we ate it.


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Five Bresees said...

You made that oven??? I love it! (And the cake too!)