Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Trip to the Park

On the 9th of June, Patrick was home from work that afternoon so we decided to head to the park and enjoy the nice weather. It was a little warm, but not the 115 degrees it would be soon. We just went up to the city park near our house and played on the playground and then the splash pad. The kids had a blast!
Here is Joss on the slide. She LOVES slides. She will play on them all day long.

Seth on the swing. He loved the swings. He giggled the whole time.

Seth and Joslyn riding the zebra and the sea horse. Joss loved it, Seth wasn't a huge fan.

Seth going down the slide with an assist from daddy.

Joss on this twirly seat, which she loved and got super dizzy riding.

Joss trying to climb up to the slide. She got too scared and climbed back down, went around to the other side and used the stairs.

After playing on the playground for a while, we were pretty warm. Poor Joss is just like me and turns bright red when we get hot. Since we were all a little warm we took the kids to the splash pad and let them play in the water to cool down. Joss hadn't been to one since last year so she was pretty excited. Seth was very interested but very cautious.

The kids were soaked by the end of it, but they were very happy. We all had lots of fun playing together at the park.

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