Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

For Memorial Day weekend my sister invited us over to her house for swimming and playing on a big inflatable waterslide. It was lots of fun Joss loved the water slide even if she was nervous about going down the first time.
Here is Joss in her new swimsuit all ready to leave to go swimming. Isn't her hair cute. She actually let me do it that day and then took it out in the car. :( At least I have a picture.

Here is Joss going down the water slide.
Kade and Coleton

Even Seth went down the slide. He wasn't so sure about it though.


Kristi said...

Doesn't look like Patrick was so sure about it either.

Four Bresees said...

Love her swim suit!! I saw that one at Target and wanted to get it for Lily. It's so adorable :)