Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Patrick recently got a new phone from work. His old one would shut off when he answered phone calls. That makes for poor customer service when they call and think that you have hung up on them. Also, he couldn't send out text messages from his phone. It was really old.

This is Patrick's new phone, the Sprint HTC EVO. I joke with him that he skipped decades of technology.

He went from a phone that all it could do was make and receive phone calls, to a phone that can surf the Internet, text, picture and video message people. He can use it as a video phone to people with the same technology. He has all sorts of apps to use. Joss loves to watch Baby Einstein videos on it. Patrick can even tune his guitar using it. Its a pretty cool phone, and he loves it!

And since Patrick no longer uses his old phone we gave it to Joss and she loves to "call" daddy on it. :)

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Kristi said...

Upgrade for Patrick. Downgrade for Joss.