Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Extension Cords

A while back Patrick and I went to the store to buy some yard tools. We bought a hedge trimmer and a weed eater. We also needed an extension cord to get these jobs done.

When we got home, Patrick was so excited to start using his new tools. He went right out and started trimming our hedges by our front door. About five minutes later, Patrick comes back inside and tells me that he has cut through the extension cord. To which I jokingly responded, "We can't buy you anything nice!"

However, Patrick tells me he can fix it and that I am a lucky girl because I have a husband that is so handy around the house. I laughed and thought, the only reason you are being handy is because you broke the thing to begin with!

So, here is a picture of our new extension cord all patched up and ready for use again. All thanks to my handy husband! I love you Patrick!

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