Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Patrick's Job

At the beginning of summer, Patrick was given a type of promotion. His official title is lead technician now. He is responsible for the other technicians and for making the routes everyday.

With this job came hours that were fairly set. He works Monday through Friday until 5 or 6 at night. On Saturday, he gets off between noon and one. He usually takes his day off on Tuesday. I love knowing that he will be home at a decent time. The last few summers there were nights that he didn't get home until 8pm or later.

He also was put on salary. I was so happy for this. I hated trying to budget with his commission pay.

Another great thing about his new position is that he doesn't spend all day out in the sun. Which means that when he gets home he isn't completely drained!

A few weeks ago, Patrick got a call from the branch owner. He just wanted to call and tell him that he thinks that he is doing a great job! He is really happy with the work that he is doing and that he thinks the company is headed in the right direction with him! What a great phone call! I'm so proud of my busy and hardworking husband.

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