Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Will Fit! I Promise!

The crib we ordered online was finally shipped to the store today! After I got home from my final, Patrick and I went to go pick it up. When we were leaving I asked Patrick if he wanted to take my car since it is wider. He said. "No, it will fit in my car." I asked him if he was sure and he said, "It will fit. Don't worry about it." I decided to just go with it and off to the store we went.

We stood in line forever because of the lady in front of us ordered about 30,000 things. We finally get to the front of the line and they get our crib and we are headed to the car to go home, after shopping in the Christmas section a little. I needed some ornament hangers for the tree.

We first get to the car and Patrick opens his trunk.We determine that it will definitely not fit in there. So our next thought is to throw it in the back seat.

Well with cars on either side of us, Patrick had to pull half way out of the space so we could open the door wide enough and get the crib to squeeze in. Patrick tries and he tries, but the darn box is about one inch too big and therefore the door won't shut.

Our next thought is to put the back seats down and slide it in through the trunk. The opening from the trunk to the cabin is just big enough to fit the crib and we think that we are in the clear! Nope, wrong again. We can't close the trunk and we can't push the crib in any farther because the opening is a semi-circle (what a dumb design!).

Patrick has no rope, or floss, or bunji cords, or anything of that sort in his car, so with his creative ingenuity he rips a target bag and uses it to tie down the trunk. Needless to say we were glad that we didn't have very far to travel and we kept looking behind us to make sure everything was still there.

I love my husband! He makes me laugh when things like this happen to us. Here are some pictures I took from the camera on my cell phone.

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