Sunday, September 30, 2012

May 2012

Well, to say I haven't posted in a while is an understatement. Don't think that we haven't been busy, because we have been very busy. If you follow on Instagram or we are friends on Facebook you know that I update that way more often than here. With that said, in an attempt to "catch-up" here I am going to do several longer posts, each covering an entire month. So here in May 2012. We started the month off with our trip to Hawaii, but I've already blogged about that in previous blog posts. So this is what did we did after Hawaii... We helped my parents fill up their above-ground pool so this kids could have fun swimming together all summer long.
Coleton loved giving Joslyn piggy-back rides whenever they saw each other.
Joss and Raef washed the jeep hoping that they would be able to ride it.
Joss in the pool
The pool was a still a little cold for these two. Here they are trying to dry off and get warm.
Seth found the doll stroller at my parents' house and enjoyed filling it up like a grocery cart and pushing it around the house.
Daddy brought home work shirts for the kids. They both love wearing them even if they are pretty big on them.
For Memorial Day, my family used to go out for breakfast or make breakfast at a park each year. As we got older that tradition kind of went away, but this year we brought it back. My family got together at Rio Vista park and made breakfast, played on the playground and splashed around in the splash pad. Here is Emmalin on the slide.
Coleton, Hailey, Amberly and Seth going down the slide. They loved making a "bubba-train" and going down the slide together with Seth aka Bubba leading the way.
Gage on the turny swing thing. I'm pretty sure that is the technical term...
Ashlynn and Matt playing in the rocket ship
At Rio Vista park there is a river that runs through the whole park. The kids loved watching the ducks.
Rachel on the stairs
Amberly and Hailey
Seth eating his delicious breakfast
This year we made french toast, bacon and fruit. It was delicous! I think one of my favorite moments of the morning was when my sister, Tiffin, non-chalantly says, "Hey Dad, your shirts on fire," like it was no big deal. By the way, it was put out quickly and no one was hurt.
Kade, Matt and Gage using the sprayer at the splash pad
Seth wasn't too big of a fan at first but he warmed up to the idea.
Joss showing off her new swimsuit.
Rachel and Joss getting dry after the splash pad
Joss loves wearing her daddy's lab goggles
Joss and me cuddling on the couch one morning.

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