Friday, July 22, 2011

July Fourth Outfits

I wanted to do something fun with Joss for the Fourth of July, so I bought us some cheap white fabric and some red and blue fabric paint. Well the label said it was red, it ended up more pink than red. Anyway I watered down the paint a little and let Joss paint the fabric. I helped a little and she had so much fun doing it. She loved showing her dad the pretty fabric we made.
After the fabric dried I cut it out and sewed Joss a cute little skirt and designed some overalls for Seth. I think they turned out pretty cute, if I were to make them again I would do a lot of things differently, but without instructions or pattern and for a one day outfit it will work.


Kristi said...

Joss looks like she's a flamenco dancer. Ole!

Emily Buck said...

You are so talented! Love love the idea! I'm a little jealous of your creativeness. :)

kedwards said...

I wouldn't be so creative if it weren't for the blogs I follow. :) All my best ideas come from them.