Friday, April 8, 2011

Wildlife World Zoo Field Trip

A friend from church teaches preschool and always invites us to go with them on the field trips. They are such a great price that you can't so no to them! So we decided to head to the zoo with them. Unfortunately, Seth woke up sick the day before and Patrick had to stay home with him, but Joss and I had lots of fun.
The whole time Joss was in her stroller she would play hide and seek with the sun shade. She would laugh so hard.

Here she is with her bottle of water. She loves water bottles and when this one rolled under the SUV next to us, I got to climb under it and get it. The things we do to not have to listen to our children scream from the back seat of the car. Also, she was really lucky it wasn't hotter because if it had been summer it would not have done that.

Joss did pretty well with being in the stroller, but toward the end she wanted to get out and walk on her own. It happened to work out really well since at about the same time my neice Rachel gave up on walking altogether and decided to just sit in the dirt and cry. Joss was really nice and let her ride in the stroller while she pushed her around.

Of course, we had to go and see the giraffes! They are my favorite animal. Joss wanted nothing to do with them. I mean nothing. She clunge to me for dear life and refused to even look at them let alone touch them.

Here are the girls looking at some of the snakes.

These monkeys were insanely loud and active. They were swinging all around their cage screaching. The kids LOVED it!

I didn't get a picture of this but while we were wandering around we heard a familiar voice say, "Hey Joss. Hey Rachel." It was my nephew Caleb who also happened to be at the zoo on a field trip. Such a small world. :)

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