Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anniversary/Honeymoon Trip

Patrick and I had planned on taking a honeymoon trip a few months after we got married. It would be summer and we wouldn't have school to worry about. I ruined that plan though. I get morning sickness and didn't much feel like going on a trip and we just never did go away.
So for our third anniversary we decided to go away, just the two of us. Thanks to my mom who watched the kids for us we finally got to go on our honeymoon.
We went up to Greer, AZ. It was so pretty and the weather was gorgeous. We stayed at the Greer Lodge. They have free mountain bikes, telescopes, flying fishing poles, board games, hiking trails, lawn games, DVD rentals and later in the season they rent kayaks. They even give free fly fishing and kayaking lessons.
We had a great time up there and hope to be able to get away just the two of us each year.
Here is the lake near were we stayed. They have fishing ponds by every cabin but there are lakes just a few minutes up the road.

Outside the main lodge and restaurant they have a few really big ponds and the ducks love to hang out there. Probably because people feed them. They were fun to watch while we were eating breakfast.

This is a picture of us waiting for our delicious breakfast to come. I ordered the Greer Lodge French Toast and it was really yummy. It was crusted in almonds and frosted flakes and served with strawberries.

And Patrick was so sweet that he got me these flowers when we got home for our actual anniversary. They are so pretty.

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