Monday, April 11, 2011

7months old

It really doesn't seem like my little guy is 7 months old already, but he is. And since I'm writing this late he's almost 8 months old now.
He is such a happy little guy. I love his little giggles. He is my little Pillsbury Dough boy. Not in the sense that he is fat, because he is still as skinny as ever. But if I poke him in the tummy he will usually give me a little giggle.
He is learning so much. One of his favorite things to do is find cups that Joss has left down where he can get them. He thinks they are the coolest things in the world.
He also loves his big sister, but you would think that he had it out for her if you were to talk to her. He is just so interested in everything that she is doing. She of course yells if he even looks in her direction. I really miss the days when she just wanted to hold him and give him hugs. Hopefully as they get older they will be able to play together more.
With that said, here are some pictures of my little cutie.

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Four Bresees said...

I can't believe how old he is already!