Monday, February 14, 2011

The Plague

Here in Arizona there is some sort of plague going around. Pretty much everyone I know has been affected by it and it is miserable. We were not spared at our house. Last week Joss, Seth and I all were sick. Joss was lucky and she seemed to get a mild case of it and was all better in just a few days. I think its because of the flu shot we got her. Seth and I were not as lucky. We were both miserable for several days. All Seth did was sleep. He would wake up, eat about an ounce of formula maybe two for a good feeding and ten minutes later he would be falling asleep again. It was so sad.
Here is a picture of the sad little guy.

Makes your heart ache doesn't it. :( Trust me it was much sadder in person, especially when you could hear his horrible cough. Patrick called it his "angry birds" cough. Luckily, a few days later, he was back to smiling and laughing.

He still has his cough, but he is definitely feeling and eating better. He is still having a hard time sleeping though. I think its because of his congestion making it hard to breathe, but he is getting better slowly, but surely.

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