Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Letter Day!

This semester has been really hard and really long for our family, and we could not be happier that it is over. Patrick had classes Monday through Thursday nights. Most days Patrick would never even get to see Joss because he would leave before she woke up, go straight from work to school and get home after she went to bed by a few hours.
To celebrate our joy in having Patrick home for the next few weeks we threw him a little red letter day party.
He was greeted at the door with an invitation instructing him to change into the red shirt that we provided for him and then to come joy us for a special dinner.
We had lasagna roll ups, with cranberry jello and apple slices. All red foods. Eaten on our red plates, with red cups filled with Cranberry Sierra Mist. For dessert we had chocolate covered pretzels with peppermint candies.

Here are some pictures of us in our red shirts.
Doesn't Joss just look so excited! :)

Here's Seth hanging out in his chair

Patrick and me

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