Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Technology Fairy

Sunday night Patrick and I came home to a nice surprise waiting for us at our doorstep. Sitting there amongst the bushes was a graphing calculator and a flat screen computer monitor. We are pretty sure that we know who they are from and it was so nice of them to do that for us. It was also really helpful, since Patrick needs a graphing calculator for school and our computer monitor was rather old. We are so thankful for all the little things that people have done for us. Its nice to know that there are so many wonderful, giving people out there.


Ginny said...

that is soo nice! I love random acts of service like that. When Colin and I were first married, he had lost his job so money was really really tight. One night we got some doorbell ditchers, and out on the doorstep was a huge bucket of food! It was so nice! We still dont know who it was, but it makes you realize your blessings and want to pass it on!

Tiffin said...

Wow! That was really nice of someone. I bet it feels nice to know that someone was thinking of you guys!

Mitch and Jenny said...

How sweet! It's amazing to see all the little miracles that occur in our lives, there's millions more we probably never even realize!