Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Heart Pest Control Guys

Yesterday as I was walking out to the car with Joslyn, I looked over at the rocks and saw this HUGE scorpion! It was at least 3 inches long, if not more! It was HUGE and SCARY LOOKING!

For those of you who don't know, one of my biggest fears is finding a scorpion in our home. It freaks me out just knowing that this sucker was in our yard. I'm scared that Joslyn will find one and get stung.

Also, for those of you who don't know, telling me that the big ones aren't as bad doesn't make me feel better about it. Nor does saying that at least it was outside. The fact that it was anywhere near my baby and me is way too close!

So what did I do?

I ran past the thing, as fast as I possibly could, which was not an easy task carrying the diaper bag, Joslyn in her carseat, her bumbo and my purse. Once we were safely stowed away in the car, I called my dear husband and told him that there was a GINORMOUS scorpion in our yard and that he needed to spray our house ASAP! He, of course, told me; "At least its a big one, they aren't as bad." and "At least it was outside and not in the house." and "Honey, I can't keep them out of our yard." To which I responded, "You aren't making me feel better and you had better try your hardest to keep those ugly things out of my yard!!!!!"

Luckily he was in the area that day and brought his truck home to spray our little enemy! HOORAY FOR PEST CONTROL GUYS!!!

Of course, when he got home he walked right past the thing and had to have me show him where it was. How he missed that GIANT scorpion sitting right by the sidewalk, I will never know.

When he saw it he informed me that it was dead and covered in ants. I figured that since it hadn't moved in 7 hours, it was probably dead, but I was too chicken to even look at the thing. They freak me out just thinking about them.

So, now our house is newly sprayed for bugs and I am even more freaked out that there is a scorpion everywhere I turn.

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Vanessa said...

Maybe you need to import more ants to eat the scorpions. I have to say, scorpion stories do not make me homesick.