Thursday, September 3, 2009

The REAL Joss

I usually post lots of pictures of Joslyn smiling, because who doesn't love a smiling baby picture, right? But this picture truly captures the essence of Joslyn. This is the look that I see on her face most of the time.

She is so interested in everything that is going on and wants to figure everything out. Since the day she was born, she has been very alert and would lay in the bassinet and look out at everything. She also tends to stare at people a lot.

This is, apparently, a little unnerving for most people. I often have stranger come up to me and comment about how intensely she stares at them. One lady even said that it felt like she was staring through her and trying to get her whole life's story.

There was also one day that Joslyn stared at my sister for 15 minutes straight. She stares so much that Patrick's webelos are always wanting to have staring contests with her.


Emily said...

Its totally true, I feel like i'm in a staring contest that I can't win. Really starts to get to you after a while.

Four Bresees said...

She's so cute! Having a little girl is fun, huh? It's been a lot different this time with Lily than it was with Ethan!