Thursday, August 20, 2009


For those that don't know, Joss is by far, NOT a snuggly baby. In fact, usually when you try to give her a hug, she squirms away and loudly protests and I mean LOUDLY. :(

This is sad for me because I always pictured having a beautiful little baby to snuggle and hold. This is also good though. Mainly, because she isn't constantly wanting me to hold her, which would drive me crazy!

Anyway, this week she has been teething and therefore not sleeping very well. (At least that is my guess as to why she is staying up an hour or two later, waking up an hour earlier AND trying to shorten her naps.) Since she isn't feeling well and is very tired she lets me snuggle with her! Which makes me happy. I miss when she was a newborn and I could cuddle with her all day long if I wanted.

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