Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I?

Or shouldn't I?

I SERIOUSLY want to quit my job. I have SO had it with the whole thing. I just want to quit and NEVER EVER EVER look back.

However, with Patrick's work going into their winter lull, and it being exacerbated by the company not hiring salesmen this summer, things could be really tight. So, in order to quit, I would need something new.

My problem with the whole something new thing, is that the one thing that was good about this job was that I got quite a few days off to spend with my little girl.

So, basically, I really want to stay home with her and do something from home. The unfortunate thing is that I don't know what to do.

I've thought about doing daycare, but who's kids would I watch? So, I would do that if I found the right family.

I've thought about doing one of those online jobs, but there are so many scams and they always want you to pay into them first and there is no guarantee that you will even make your money back.

So, basically I'm left with piano lessons. I've toyed with this idea for a long time. I just don't really know where to start.

I would need to find a program that I liked. That is probably the easiest of things to remedy since there are about a million different ones. I would just have to pick one and run with it.

I would also needs kids to teach/practice on. Since, I'm new to the area, I don't really know a lot of the families in our ward, and let's face it that would be who I would start with.

I also really don't know how much to charge and part of me feels like I'm not really "good enough" to teach lessons. So, I can't really charge too much since I'm inexperienced and all. I also wouldn't make nearly as much as I do at my current job, which isn't that big of a deal since we mainly rely on Patrick's income.

I would also feel bad since I don't even have a "real" piano, just the electric piano that my wonderful husband got me. Not that that is a horrible thing. It just isn't the same.

I don't know, maybe I'm just talking myself out of this, but there is a lot to think about, since, we have, you know, like bills to pay and stuff.

I think over all, I would be happy with the decision. It would allow me to stay home with my cutie and still help with the finances. I guess I just wish that I could know that it would be the right thing to do.

Where is my crystal ball? I so could use one!


Ginny said...

Hey! I think you should totally do piano lessons! I know that it probably seems a little bit intimidating and it would be really easy to talk yourself out of, but I think that if you are using and exersizing your talent then Heavenly Father will bless you! I totally think you should just do it. I've thought about the same thing before and I think it's really easy to get sidetracked, or not think you're good enough, or talk yourself out of it.....but I just think those things are what Satan wants us to think. Heavenly Father gave us our talents for a reason. I think you would be AWESOME!!!! Go for it Girl!!!

Goldmans said...

i think if you really feel its right do it. and it will work out! like ginny said the lord will bless you for using your talent. and satan will try to make you second guess yourself.

on that note what stake and or ward you in?


I know how you feel about wanting to work from home. I want to try and find something too, but Luckly I like my job and only work 19 hours a week. If I come up with something In will let you know. YOu will find something and everything will work out.

kedwards said...

We are in the El Mirage ward in the Surprise Stake.

Four Bresees said...

I say quit your job :) Although it might be tight without your income as well, if you are spending your time raising your daughter you guys will be blessed and things will work out. I'd have to admit, our "poor" days have been our most fun :)

By the way, give yourself more credit about the piano. I think it'd be great if you were able to teach lessons. Some of my friends out here charge $10 for a half hour (for like the younger kids).

Goldmans said...

hey we are in the same stake! we are in the west pointe ward. i believe. :) yay to know someone in the stake!

Amy said...

Let me give you a little glimps into my life, if you don't mind.
My family is being supported solely by my husband and his $16/hr job. He works 40 hours a week, which definately helps. But then we're also paying $1170/month for rent. We drive one car, we have only a house phone, we have no health insurance. We signed up to get WIC, discounts on electricity and gas bills, and sometimes we only have $25 to buy food to last us for 2 weeks.
But we do it so I can stay home and take care of Cali.
Does that help with your decision at all?