Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parking Lot Surprises

The other day, Patrick and I went shopping at Costco for a few things. When we went to pull into our parking space, there was a cart at the front of it, so I got out and moved it for us. To my surprise I see this sitting in the seat of the cart.

It was brand new. Still in the packaging and sealed! Also there were two brand new dvds.

I am amazed that someone could spend HUNDREDS of dollars on something just to leave it sitting there in the cart and drive away! Are you kidding me?

Luckily, for them, and for us, we are honest people and we took it to the customer service desk and whoever left it can claim it there.

So, if you left your brand new i-pod touch in your shopping cart at the Costco on 79th Ave Monday afternoon, you know where you can get it.

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