Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Four Month Checkup

Today was Joslyn's four month well-check. She is doing well. She is developmentally right on track.

Here are her new stats:
She weighs in at 10lbs 11oz.
Her length is 24 inches.

She has gone up on the percentiles. She is now in the 3-5 for weight, she was just in the third. Its not much, but it is something! She jumped way up on the length though. She was in the 25-50th and now is in the 75th percentile. So she is long and skinny. She doesn't get that from me.

The doctor also said that if we felt she was ready we could start her on solids. I've been thinking that she is ready for them so I think we are going to start those soon.

She also got four more immunization shots today. She is such a trooper. She had already stopped crying before the nurse had even left the room.


Three Bresees (soon to be four) said...

How cute! Know what's crazy? Chris weighed over 10lbs when he was born! Glad she's doing well!

Emily said...

She is just like her daddy then, tall and skinny.

Amanda said...

She and Rachel are the same length.

Also, you can start solids whenever you want, but if it were me, I'd wait until closer to 6 months.