Friday, May 29, 2009

Exciting Opportunity

Months ago, I emailed several wedding planning companies in the area asking if they had any possible internship opportunities available. They all said no, but that if they heard of anything that they would let me know about.

Well, the other day I received an email from one of the ladies that I had contacted. It wasn't an internship, but it was an 8 week course at the community college that teaches you "everything you need to know to become a wedding planner". You also become a certified wedding planner through this class.

So, after talking it over with Patrick, we decided to go for it. I start classes on Monday and they will be finished July 27th. Sixteen nights and I'll be a certified wedding planner.

We are hoping that this class will help me to find a job that can count as my senior internship with ASU so I can finally graduate!


Emily said...

Sweet, I know how to work quickbooks so I could handle the financial end of things, so when you start that I can work with you and we can plan awesome weddings!

Mitch and Jenny said...

How exciting! That's awesome! I hope it all works out, I'm excited for you!!!