Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am really quite fed up with our apartment management company! They do nothing for us! Why do we even have them? I'm not really sure.

When we moved in, we noticed that our dishwasher did not work properly, and by did not work properly, I mean it made our dishes dirtier than when they started! We also noticed that our refrigerator door doesn't stay closed on its own, the A/C unit leaked, the top lock on our front door didn't work and that the oven was broken.

So, we made a complaint to the management company. They sent someone to fix it and we were happy, until we actually used the dishwasher and found it had the same problem still and realized they didn't even look at the refrigerator! At least, they did fix the lock on the front door, the oven and attempted to fix the leaking A/C unit, which they had to come out a fix again, and it still leak occasionally.

So, we made ANOTHER work order for the dishwasher and refrigerator. They came out and decided that the dishwasher was unable to be fixed and that we needed a new one. Still left the refrigerator broken.

At the end of May, they called and told us that our new dishwasher would be installed in June. We were so excited. Doing dishes by hand stinks!!!

June passes, then July, still no dishwasher. Then the first week of August, we get a note on our door saying that they are so behind on work orders that they have had to make a new list and that they would call to let us know when ours would be completed. No call, EVER!

August passes, September, October, November, December all pass! And still no dishwasher. We continue to ask them what is going on and all they can say is we are working on it. I'm sorry seven months is a little too long to still be "working on it"!

Finally, last week I get a phone call from the management company about our work order. They want to know if it was fulfilled! I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. I said, they came and looked at it, but that nothing was ever done about it. They were shocked! I told them we have been making work orders and telling you about this since April, how can you be shocked!?! She assures me she will talk to her manager and get to the bottom of this and will call me back this week. NO CALL, big surprise!

Well, this morning, as Patrick left for work he notices a note left on our door from the management company. The note was to inform us that our patio carpet is due for replacement! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! OUR PATIO CARPET! COME ON!

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wow I would be so frustrated. When we moved into our place we had a removable dishwasher that you could hook to the sink to run it. Well, no one was sure if it would work. so after doing dishes for a few month's I couldn't do it any more specially when I started getting morning/day sickness. My husband fixed the washer and we just hook it up to the sink and it works. Hope you get one soon!